Progress with Learning to See Energy

I used to hold the belief that I couldn’t see energy or auras, while John has been able to see energy all of his life. Recently I decided that it was time to let go of that belief, since seeing energy just seemed like an opportunity to get to know reality in yet another new way. And not only let go of the belief, but choose a new belief where I was now learning to see it. Even though beliefs are ‘just beliefs’ or ‘just thoughts’, it’s amazing how different they can feel when you shift your focus – even the ‘small’ shifts.

I selected some exercises from books I had and websites I’d bookmarked. I reminded myself that I had to play along and not dismiss something as an ‘afterimage’ or the like. As I lay down to go to sleep, it took me a while to relax my usual waking focus to something more open and loose. (At this point I have occasionally seen faint ‘sparkles’ in the room, which I think of as random energy.) Then, in the darkened room, I held my hand up in the air with the ceiling in the background.

I had to remember not to try too hard, and that I was aligning myself with the ability, not with NOT having the ability, or blocking it. I took deep breaths and let my gaze relax. On a conscious level, I was expecting to see a very pale haze of lightness around the outline of my hand. Which I did! Although I had to watch for the immediate dismissal, which I mentioned above. But what I wasn’t expecting to see was tiny sparkles of white lights, mostly in the spaces between my spread-out fingers! (Brighter and more concentrated than the random sparkles.) Even better, since it was something I wasn’t expecting, it wasn’t something my left brain could dismiss as easily.

Since that first time, I’ve been able to practice it a few more times. Each time I’ve had to take a little while to relax my daytime focus and tune into my intuitive faculties more. I’ll continue to practice, and as usual, see where it takes me. It’s fun to be stepping out into undiscovered experiential territory!

Note: While browsing The LD4ALL Lucid Dreaming Forum, I found this article about using your attention to what the author called “phosphenes” (my ‘sparkles’ – wikipedia describes them as “A phosphene is a phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.”) to attempt to induce a lucid dream. Click here to read the article, complete with some really helpful images. 

Playing with Remote View Daily

For the last few months I’ve been visiting the site Every day you have a chance to tune in psychically and guess what sort of image they’ll put up, at 2pm Eastern time they’ll post the results.

You get to enter five keywords for each image. Scores are ranked as “No Match,”  “Close,” “Bullseye,” and “Magic” so far out of 50 attempts, I’ve had 15 Closes and 2 Bullseyes according to their ratings. In some of those cases though, they were too generous. For example in one attempt I saw a Native American woman wearing a white blouse. The actual picture was of the White House, because I chose the word “white” as a keyword, I earned a Close.  There are three of these that I discount for not even being in the ballpark.

There have also been a few that I felt were close but got no recognition for. In one vision, I saw a topiary cat. The actual image was a walrus with whiskers which to me sort of resembled what I had seen in my mind. It was certainly closer than the woman in white compared to the White House that I got credit for LOL! In five cases, I had the image right, but the day wrong. For example I saw playing cards one day, but the image of the 4 of spades actually came up two days later.

There are times when I have a “no match” but I’ll recognize the image I saw somewhere else, often on television. One day  I envisioned a woman walking under a large archway. Later that day Kristen suggested we watch the movie Stardust. When that scene came up I recognized it immediately and knew I wouldn’t have a hit on the website.

Sometimes I don’t get a specific image, but just a vague one. For example there was one day I saw something round which I thought was fruit and the color green. The image turned out to be a ladybug walking on a green leaf.

On one occasion, I think I tuned into the location where the image originally came from. I closed my eyes as I usually do and wait for the image or images to come to me. I was seeing antique  machinery, obviously pre-industrial age. They looked like museum pieces and I thought I recognized one of them as one of DaVinci’s designs. So my keywords centered around DaVinci, and the museum pieces I saw. The actual image was a portrait of Galileo, I earned a Close for that and wondered if there was a Galileo section nearby in the museum I was picturing.

I’ve experimented with different methods of tuning in on the object but so far my most successful has been to set my intention towards seeing the image, close my eyes and wait for the image to appear in my mind’s eye. Often, I’ll get images the very second I close my eyes but these are not usually “it.” If I’m very tired then sometimes I’ll actually nod off while tuning in. During those times I get lots of images and even enter the dream state for a few moments. The only problem then is having too many images to choose from. On rare occasions I’ll get a really clear vision of what the image is along with a gut feeling of it’s accuracy. Most of the time, I’ll earn at least a “close” for my efforts or if I miss it’s because I’m off by a day or two.

Overall, I’ve found my semi-daily practice (I get at least four or five in a week) to be fun and good practice for tuning in and keeping my non-physical senses sharp. The site is free, keeps a record of your attempts and it takes only a few minutes a day to tune in. If you want an easy way to practice your remote viewing skills I highly recommend you check it out.

Rick Stack and Chip Coffey on the Radio

Yesterday the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show played host to two terrific guests.

Chip Coffey Chip Coffey - Growing Up Psychic - Click to see more!was interviewed the first hour, talking about his new book, Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving–and How Others Like Me Can, Too. He also discussed his role hosting the Psychic Kids television show (which I think has been a groundbreaking show!) and his own experiences growing up psychic. You may also know him from his participation on the show Paranormal State.


Seth - The Nature of Personal RealityThe next three hours were devoted to Rick Stack. Many of you already know him as one of the students in the original Seth classes that Jane Roberts and Robert Butts held in their home, but he is the current publisher of many of the available Seth books, including The Early Sessions as well. (Website: Seth Center) Rick also has a terrific practical understanding of the Seth material, OBEs – he has his own book called Out of Body Adventures, and also teaches Seth classes in New York City and online.

Thanks to a generous individual, there is currently an audio version of all four segments available on YouTube right now – click here to listen!

[An interesting correlation… in the first hour, Chip described growing up having paranormal experiences in a house that was in Elmira, NY, the same town where Jane Roberts channeled the Seth Material!]

I’m glad to have been able to listen to both Chip and Rick – great program!

Remote View Daily Website

Yesterday John told me about a website a friend of his had linked to online, called Remote View Daily.

If you sign up (free) you can participate in daily remote viewing experiments where they randomly choose an image, you enter five keywords, and then they ‘grade’ you on your results the next day. Both John and I signed up yesterday and entered our five keywords – we compared them later and they had vague concepts in common, but not much – LOL! Today we’ll get to see the actual image and compare our results.

This seems like a great way of getting practicing tuning in, especially since you can do it on your own time, and not have to enlist another person to choose objects or images for you to view. Stop by and try it yourself: Remote View Daily.

Energy of the Mind

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” (Aristotle) I love it when I happen upon a quote that makes a ‘click’ sound in my head when I read it – heh. So much so that I created some inspirational t-shirts and such with this quote – such as…

Click on any of the sample images above to see all the tees and sweatshirts and such sporting this quote. Thanks for looking!