Shadow Being Sighting

I took the dogs outside tonight for their usual evening bathroom run. Pepper, our black Labrador, usually uses one section of the yard. As we headed that way however, a black form floated across the road right in front of my flash light beam. It was so fast that I couldn’t make out a distinct shape, but it was at least five feet tall and almost darker than black. Pepper stopped in her tracks and turned back towards the house without actually going to the bathroom. I tried walking her to other parts of the yard, but to no avail. I suppose I’ll have to forgive her tonight if she wakes me up at 3 a.m. with that watery look in her eyes.

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Catching a Stray Thought

A number of weeks ago, I bought a new piece of electronic equipment that came with a rebate receipt that I had to mail back in to the manufacturer. John sent the envelope with all the correct receipts from his place of work, and he sent it Certified Mail so that I’d get a little postcard back with their signature to make sure they got it. (It had to be sent to their offices in Puerto Rico for some reason.) After I got the envelope together for John to send, I forgot all about it for weeks.

A few days ago, when I was working at my computer, I caught a stray thought where I remembered the rebate and wondered if the paperwork had been received yet. When John came home that day he handed me the confirmation postcard – he’d received the confirmation postcard at work about the same time I caught that stray thought about it. Neat!

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Not Where We Last Left Them

Note: This account was originally published in the old ‘Multidimensional Living’ section of the Conscious Creation website, but is now being incorporated into the Conscious Creation Weblog. Original publication date was around December 18, 2004.

I was looking for a pair of orange-handled scissors
that we usually keep in a mug on the desk, but had also been using when
wrapping presents, on the large coffee table. The scissors have either been
on the table or otherwise in the mug, but yesterday they weren’t in either
spot. And I know John had used a black-handled pair of scissors earlier,
and not the orange ones, so he hadn’t put used the orange-handled ones but unconsciously put them somewhere else. Continue reading “Not Where We Last Left Them”