Not Where We Last Left Them

Note: This account was originally published in the old ‘Multidimensional Living’ section of the Conscious Creation website, but is now being incorporated into the Conscious Creation Weblog. Original publication date was around December 18, 2004.

I was looking for a pair of orange-handled scissors
that we usually keep in a mug on the desk, but had also been using when
wrapping presents, on the large coffee table. The scissors have either been
on the table or otherwise in the mug, but yesterday they weren’t in either
spot. And I know John had used a black-handled pair of scissors earlier,
and not the orange ones, so he hadn’t put used the orange-handled ones but unconsciously put them somewhere else.

Then, while I was looking for the scissors, I got the weird impulse to pick up my keyboard
which I had temporarily set in the shallow center drawer of the desk (sometimes
I do this so I can sit a bit farther away from the monitor – like a keyboard
tray.) The scissors were right there, UNDER my keyboard! Now, I would NEVER
put the scissors in there – it’s unlikely that this really shallow drawer
would even CLOSE with the scissors in there. And I would usually never think
to look underneath the keyboard – I move it all the time actually, and so
wouldn’t put anything that I use under it for any reason.

Then, we have a small portable radio that we sometimes listen to as we are
going to bed (oddly, this little radio gets better reception way out here
in the sticks than any of our other stereo equipment). The night before,
John had turned off the radio and, as usual, tucked it underneath the bed
for safekeeping. Last night, as we were getting ready to go to bed, John
looked under the bed, but the radio wasn’t there. He looked all around down
there, and it wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He sat on his side of the bed,
and told me he couldn’t find the radio and did I have it on my side of the
bed instead? I came in the room, looked at him, and then pointed to the
pillow which was a foot away from where he was sitting and said, “The radio’s
right there on your pillow.”

He laughed when he saw it and said that it wasn’t there before, and that
he would certainly have noticed it because of the NAP he took there earlier
in the day.

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