Long Out of Body Experience

Note: This account was originally published in my handwritten journal but is now being incorporated into the Conscious Creation Weblog.  Original event date was around October 24, 2004.

Layed back down to sleep after my S.O.  left for the early shift. Started to feel the vibrational state, rather subtle. Then I was out and ‘into it’ – don’t remember transitioning.

This was my longest OBE that I consciously remember yet. (At one point I remember telling someone that in the actual OBE – funny.) Everytime I found myself starting to ‘fade’ I’d look at my hands or demand “Clarity” which seemed to refocus my energy, also helped with clear seeing. The thing is, although I know it was long, and that I did a lot of things, I only remember a few parts. I could actually feel them fading as I settled back into the physical, although I grabbed onto what I could.

I recall being in the countryside, near a small school/playground and church area, kids running around, adults too. It may have been Ireland. I was trying to consciously fly, but was only getting to the ‘jump high and float lightly back to the ground’ phase, but I was having fun with it. Then I got tired, and layed down with my cheek against the grass and thought, “I miss Hogwarts.” (This is something I said in another dream I had a few years ago, when I went rather lucid and got tired of what was going on in THAT dream too. Pretty sure it has something to do with ‘magic’ and physical reality seeming hard and mundane by contrast.)

I remember that I spent a lot of time using elevators, which I think was a symbol for shifting my vibration or moving to a different vibrational level. One of the elevators seemed to belong in this really modern building. It was darkish, and the inside was paneled with brushed steel, some dark wood trim, deep grey carpeting and edged with long blue lights. The elevator was similar. When I got into it, three women also joined me. They seemed to be rather like hip, professional, graphic designer types. They were all dressed in variations of black and charcoal grey, and they all had glasses with cool, funky frames, but their lenses were all bright blue too.

[This reminded me strongly of the blue pools in the high-rise that others I know have mentioned in their own OBE experiences!]

Next, I remember an older, metal grid-sided elevator – seemed to be near the top of a building, going up.

Then, I remember that I was on my way back to my body (vibrationally coming back to the physical, felt like descending and also sideways movement, over land) when I stopped in to talk to John Ritter and see how he was doing (as he had died a number of years ago, but I’d always liked his work). He was fine, and mentioned getting a plumbing business going (?). Then I felt myself come back into my physical focus – I can often feel the ‘narrowing’ of focus as I come back into physical.

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