Playing with Remote View Daily

For the last few months I’ve been visiting the site Every day you have a chance to tune in psychically and guess what sort of image they’ll put up, at 2pm Eastern time they’ll post the results.

You get to enter five keywords for each image. Scores are ranked as “No Match,”  “Close,” “Bullseye,” and “Magic” so far out of 50 attempts, I’ve had 15 Closes and 2 Bullseyes according to their ratings. In some of those cases though, they were too generous. For example in one attempt I saw a Native American woman wearing a white blouse. The actual picture was of the White House, because I chose the word “white” as a keyword, I earned a Close.  There are three of these that I discount for not even being in the ballpark.

There have also been a few that I felt were close but got no recognition for. In one vision, I saw a topiary cat. The actual image was a walrus with whiskers which to me sort of resembled what I had seen in my mind. It was certainly closer than the woman in white compared to the White House that I got credit for LOL! In five cases, I had the image right, but the day wrong. For example I saw playing cards one day, but the image of the 4 of spades actually came up two days later.

There are times when I have a “no match” but I’ll recognize the image I saw somewhere else, often on television. One day  I envisioned a woman walking under a large archway. Later that day Kristen suggested we watch the movie Stardust. When that scene came up I recognized it immediately and knew I wouldn’t have a hit on the website.

Sometimes I don’t get a specific image, but just a vague one. For example there was one day I saw something round which I thought was fruit and the color green. The image turned out to be a ladybug walking on a green leaf.

On one occasion, I think I tuned into the location where the image originally came from. I closed my eyes as I usually do and wait for the image or images to come to me. I was seeing antique  machinery, obviously pre-industrial age. They looked like museum pieces and I thought I recognized one of them as one of DaVinci’s designs. So my keywords centered around DaVinci, and the museum pieces I saw. The actual image was a portrait of Galileo, I earned a Close for that and wondered if there was a Galileo section nearby in the museum I was picturing.

I’ve experimented with different methods of tuning in on the object but so far my most successful has been to set my intention towards seeing the image, close my eyes and wait for the image to appear in my mind’s eye. Often, I’ll get images the very second I close my eyes but these are not usually “it.” If I’m very tired then sometimes I’ll actually nod off while tuning in. During those times I get lots of images and even enter the dream state for a few moments. The only problem then is having too many images to choose from. On rare occasions I’ll get a really clear vision of what the image is along with a gut feeling of it’s accuracy. Most of the time, I’ll earn at least a “close” for my efforts or if I miss it’s because I’m off by a day or two.

Overall, I’ve found my semi-daily practice (I get at least four or five in a week) to be fun and good practice for tuning in and keeping my non-physical senses sharp. The site is free, keeps a record of your attempts and it takes only a few minutes a day to tune in. If you want an easy way to practice your remote viewing skills I highly recommend you check it out.

Wiping Away What Is And Creating What I Want

I have an older car that came with a few minor issues. The first, and most annoying was that the windshield wipers wouldn’t turn off when I first got it. I was going to get this repaired but my mechanic said the relay was buried too deeply in the car so I would have to take it to a dealership. In a very short time though, the windshield wipers began to behave properly. At first I could only control them by shutting off the engine when they were at the bottom end of their swing, but amazingly over the winter they began to work normally and I almost never had problems with them.

The second minor issue started during the winter on a minus five degree morning. The car had trouble starting and the “Service Engine Soon” light came on. The car ran fine, and I had the computer code checked just to be sure. It said that a sensor was bad and the only possible negative effect would be a loss in gas mileage. I didn’t really notice any loss, but I did find the glaring orange light rather irritating as I drove to work every night.

One day while I was driving, the light just went off. I double checked the bulb, and it was fine so apparently the car didn’t have a problem with it’s sensor anymore, until this morning that is.

I was in between shifts at work this morning and drove out to get some breakfast and a soda. The windshield wiper problem had started again a couple of days ago and this morning they wouldn’t turn off at all. On top of that, as I drove, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on again. Since these were minor inconveniences, I decided it would be a good time to ignore them and form a vision of how I wanted the car to be. I particularly tuned in to the happy feelings I had when these problems originally disappeared. I’m not sure how long I held the feeling, but I did my best to let go of the annoyance as I drove back to work.

After my shift, I got back into my car and started it. The windshield wipers stayed off and the “Service Engine Soon” light remained off as well, needless to say I was overjoyed as I drove home. I’m not sure why I created the little drama in the first place, maybe I wanted to give myself a reminder on focusing my intention.

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An Out Of Body (And Ego) Experience

This morning, I became aware of myself as I was returning to my physical body from the astral, but it was unlike any experience I’ve had before.

In all my previous oobe’s I always felt like I had a physical body. I could walk around and touch things and feel the sensations. I could even feel the texture of a wall if I passed through it, or the wind rushing around me if I decided to fly.

This morning’s experience, though very brief, was very profound because my non-physical self felt completely formless. Besides the lack of body, there was no sense of linear thought or even emotions except for a light, joyful feeling.

When I actually re-entered my body, the contrast was amazing; I felt my normal awareness turn on like a light switch. Suddenly I was thinking again, and feeling the normal range of emotions that all feel like so much a part of “me.” It was actually a little disconcerting to think that so much of what I like to think of as “myself” is actually my physically focused ego, and not the spiritual being I imagined myself to be.

I realize that it’s actually a very healthy perspective to perceive that there’s a lot more of my inner being for me to experience. For the moment though my physical self feels kind of clingy, like a little kid whose parents went out and left him with a babysitter for a few hours. I’m sure I’ll get over it and integrate the experience, but for the moment it  has me really appreciating the sights, sounds and sensations of being in physical reality.

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Apparition or Astral Form

Last night, I had a fairly restless sleep. It was one of those nights where I just couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position. At one point I saw a distinct apparition forming above Kristen. It was bright green in color and the head and shoulders were distinctly visible, but the face and other details were still too vague to see. I was so surprised by the visage that I thought I said “Hello.” out loud, but Kristen only remembers some sort of grunt. As soon as I made the noise though, the apparition disappeared. The details that I could see were that it had long hair, pulled back with a hairline and forehead just like Kristen’s. So I suspect that what I saw was actually Kristen’s astral double forming.

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There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch

It was payday, but my still uncashed check was in my briefcase. I had six dollars on me, but four of it was reserved for our biweekly lottery habit, so I would have only had two dollars available for lunch, which wouldn’t buy much. As I was buying the tickets I looked at the “Cash Cow” game and thought “wouldn’t it be cool to win enough to buy my lunch with.” So I used one of the extra dollars to buy that extra Cash Cow ticket.  When I scratched off the ticket, it was a three dollar winner, along with my remaining dollar it was just enough for lunch at Taco Bell. Not a gourmet meal perhaps, but it was all I was really looking for.

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