An Out Of Body (And Ego) Experience

This morning, I became aware of myself as I was returning to my physical body from the astral, but it was unlike any experience I’ve had before.

In all my previous oobe’s I always felt like I had a physical body. I could walk around and touch things and feel the sensations. I could even feel the texture of a wall if I passed through it, or the wind rushing around me if I decided to fly.

This morning’s experience, though very brief, was very profound because my non-physical self felt completely formless. Besides the lack of body, there was no sense of linear thought or even emotions except for a light, joyful feeling.

When I actually re-entered my body, the contrast was amazing; I felt my normal awareness turn on like a light switch. Suddenly I was thinking again, and feeling the normal range of emotions that all feel like so much a part of “me.” It was actually a little disconcerting to think that so much of what I like to think of as “myself” is actually my physically focused ego, and not the spiritual being I imagined myself to be.

I realize that it’s actually a very healthy perspective to perceive that there’s a lot more of my inner being for me to experience. For the moment though my physical self feels kind of clingy, like a little kid whose parents went out and left him with a babysitter for a few hours. I’m sure I’ll get over it and integrate the experience, but for the moment it  has me really appreciating the sights, sounds and sensations of being in physical reality.

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