Wiping Away What Is And Creating What I Want

I have an older car that came with a few minor issues. The first, and most annoying was that the windshield wipers wouldn’t turn off when I first got it. I was going to get this repaired but my mechanic said the relay was buried too deeply in the car so I would have to take it to a dealership. In a very short time though, the windshield wipers began to behave properly. At first I could only control them by shutting off the engine when they were at the bottom end of their swing, but amazingly over the winter they began to work normally and I almost never had problems with them.

The second minor issue started during the winter on a minus five degree morning. The car had trouble starting and the “Service Engine Soon” light came on. The car ran fine, and I had the computer code checked just to be sure. It said that a sensor was bad and the only possible negative effect would be a loss in gas mileage. I didn’t really notice any loss, but I did find the glaring orange light rather irritating as I drove to work every night.

One day while I was driving, the light just went off. I double checked the bulb, and it was fine so apparently the car didn’t have a problem with it’s sensor anymore, until this morning that is.

I was in between shifts at work this morning and drove out to get some breakfast and a soda. The windshield wiper problem had started again a couple of days ago and this morning they wouldn’t turn off at all. On top of that, as I drove, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on again. Since these were minor inconveniences, I decided it would be a good time to ignore them and form a vision of how I wanted the car to be. I particularly tuned in to the happy feelings I had when these problems originally disappeared. I’m not sure how long I held the feeling, but I did my best to let go of the annoyance as I drove back to work.

After my shift, I got back into my car and started it. The windshield wipers stayed off and the “Service Engine Soon” light remained off as well, needless to say I was overjoyed as I drove home. I’m not sure why I created the little drama in the first place, maybe I wanted to give myself a reminder on focusing my intention.

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