It’s ALL Your Creation

“You have locked yourself into a square box and you have given the rational mind the task of endlessly measuring and remeasuring its dimensions, and this is done without ever recognizing that the entire experience: the box, the measuring tools, the measurements themselves, are your creation.” – Gradius & Ragon –

all your creation

Your Grandest Visions of Yourselves Social Media Quote

We’ve got another quote you can pass along on facebook if you like!  It’s another Gradius & Ragon quote – “Take your grandest visions of yourselves and create them! For what else could you possibly be here to do?”  The photo is the tail of a humpback whale off the coast of Massachusetts – the tail in the photo was huge, but of course, the unseen whale beneath is massive! 🙂


Conscious Creation Adult Coloring Book – Free Sample Page

ConsciousCreationColoringBook-SamplePrintableChange your thoughts – Change your reality!

Here’s a sample page out of our Conscious Creation Coloring Book – 20 Law of Attraction Affirmations and Meditative Mandalas. As you can see, it includes the affirmation above, with a colorable border, and a coordinating mandala design.

Just click on the image and print it on your home printer!

Happy coloring!

Conscious Creation Adult Coloring Book

ConsciousCreation-Coloring-Book-Cover-thumbWe’ve just published our very own Conscious Creation Adult Coloring Book – 20 Law of Attraction Affirmations and Meditative Mandalas to color any way you want! The affirmations are hand-lettered at the top of the page, surrounded by a border, and then there is a coordinating mandala underneath, like the example on the front of the book, to the right. So, if you’re inclined, you can meditate on the affirmation while you color the mandalas.

In between each of the affirmation/mandala pages is a lined page (with a border you can color) – I added these pages because a lot of ideas and thoughts and inspirations came up while I was creating the art, and I thought it would be great to have a convenient place to write down these insights without having to open another notebook or scrap of paper, etc. What you like about the affirmation, what you don’t, how you are responding to it emotionally, or even just tangential ideas that come up during the process.

The coloring book is about 40 pages, and each page is one-sided for neater coloring.  And it’s just fine for kids too.

I actually have 6 adult coloring books available now – the Conscious Creation Coloring Book, three Celtic Coloring Books (alphabet, designs, mandalas), a Kaleidoscope Mandala Cooring Book, and a Kaleidoscope Snowflakes Coloring Book (great for winter and the holidays) – Click to browse my entire selection of coloring books at amazon! 🙂


Conscious Creation Social Media Quote Image to Share – Creative Intention

We’ve created a handful of images that contain quotes from the Conscious Creation Total Reorientation material.  If you like any of them, you can post these images to social media like Facebook, etc.! We’ll post each of them in the blog here, but they will also go up on our Facebook page so you can easily start sharing right from there!

Here’s the first conscious creation ‘meme’:


“For all the moments you experience in which you ignore, deny, or simply remain unaware of the potentiality of creative intention, you are said to be asleep. And in the moments when you recognize, choose, and activate your highest intentions, you are said to be waking up.” – Gradius & Ragon, Total Reorientation Material,

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