When You’re Ready to Choose What You Want

I just read a brief article about a couple who’d lost their cat. They searched for it for six months, and then finally went to the local animal shelter to fill out adoption papers for a new pet. At the same time, another couple brought in a cat that they had just found, and of course, it was the first couple’s long lost cat! It’s a great story about synchronicity, but there’s also more to learn here about how everything was and wasn’t lining up.

Cat-Moon Watercolor ©Kristen N. Fox, http://gallery.artoffoxvox.comThe article shares that the couple was heartbroken and looked for their cat every day, so just imagine the sad, not connected, not-having vibe that might have been there, perhaps coupled with feelings of guilt as well. And after six months of working through these feelings, they shifted their vibe. Maybe they thought that so much time had passed that it was unlikely they’d see their beloved cat again. Maybe they decided that even if it wasn’t their lost cat, they really wanted to have a cat in their lives again. Maybe they thought that they’d done all they could and perhaps it was just time to move on, knowing other cats in the shelter also needed good homes. Vibrationally, they released their ‘struggle to find’, and their resistance to NOT having their cat, and stepped into the vibe of HAVING a cat, even if it wasn’t their previously lost pet, but a cat they wanted, nonetheless. Whatever their motivation, when they were lined up with having a cat again, the perfect cat appeared for them!

I was reminded of a similar story I heard a long time ago. The details are lost to me now but it was about a dancer who thought that the only way to get to dance in this one production was to consent to date the producer who was obviously interested in her romantically. She was not interested in him however, but her desire to be in the production was greater than her resistance to the idea. One night, she decided that she would agree to go out with him the next day because she wanted the part that badly. The next day, she walked into the theater, resolved to this path, only to discover that the producer had been replaced and she was hired into the production as a dancer!

At first, I thought that the story was trying to say that you should be willing to do anything you have to do to achieve your dreams, EVEN THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. But that’s not it at all! The real point is that you have to release resistance to what you do NOT want and what you do not want to do, since resistance is still an emotional/energetic connection. (In this case the resistance sprang from her belief that there was only one way to get what she wanted.) Release that resistance, let the unwanted choice just BE, and free up your energy from the entanglement. Then, you’re clear to vibrate with the energy of the desired probability, to be where you want to be, fully, with no negative attachments pinning you down.

I can relate a recent story of my own along these lines. My old laptop computer had a slow processor and other low-end features that were preventing me from being able to do the kind of graphics work that I needed to do, so I started to look for a new one at various electronics websites. I found a few that were as close as possible to the feature list that I’d wanted (processor type, price, screen resolution, hard disk size, etc.) and after a lot of comparison shopping, I narrowed it down to my top choice, even though it didn’t have EVERYTHING I really wanted. I waited a day or two, not really wanting to get a laptop that didn’t completely meet my criteria, but that choice seemed to be the best one I was going to find for the price, so I relented. I finally told John, “Well, I guess I’ll go buy this one – no sense waiting any longer!” On a whim and with no expectations, I checked my email one last time before going online to buy the laptop, and a flyer came in from another online electronics store that had ALL of the criteria that I had spelled out – not ‘close enough’ but EXACTLY. And at an even better price! My negative attachment had been the fear of not being able to have exactly what I wanted, and once I stopped fearing it and let it BE, the energetic attachment to it simply dissolved and I could move on.

Resistance, either to your current circumstances or undesired potential circumstances, splits focus between what you want and what you don’t want, but can also be part of the path of shifting energy from where it is to where you want it to be, like being led along step by step. The feeling of knowing that you’re ready to move forward is an indication that your energy is now freed up from old resistance and attachments (positive or negative) and focused, no matter what all of the circumstances might look like to the rational mind at the time. Shift your energy and probabilities shift around to meet your new choices, often in ways that you wouldn’t have been able to predict from your old perspective!

The Music of Shirley Hadley

I have recently discovered that our friend Shirley Hadley, photographer extradenaire, is also an amazing and uplifting musician! She has produced three albums, Being In Greatness, The Depths of the Inner Self, and her latest, and the one we are featuring here today, Channels of Consciousness.

Channels of Consciousness is a collection of my very first songs on my keyboard. The year was 1993. I had been without an instrument to play for 8 years. During that time I used my dreams to help fulfill my desires to be making music. In my dreams I would be playing the keyboard composing songs, sometimes playing with other musicians.

When my keyboard finally emerged into my life, I immediately began to find my way on it and began to remember the songs I had created in my dreams. The title song Channels of Consciousness was written from this most amazing dream I had. In the dream I was in this valley, surrounded on all sides by these jagged peaks rising up and into the spacious sky above. I was standing on this wooden stage. I had this instrument that was mounted on a stand. I have never seen an instrument like it before. There was an audience of people sitting on the grass surrounded by wildflowers. The sounds would echo off the sides of the mountains and elevated us all into very ecstatic states of awareness. I use the word channel because I see it as paths along which energy or consciousness flows.

That is what it is like when I am playing music. These inner pathways are found by me and I, as consciousness travel them. Each song is like a step along the way, no destination, just a journey into the infinite realms of the sound spectrums that emanate throughout the universe.

Click here to visit Shirley Hadley’s Music Page at CDBABY, where you can also sample each of her albums, and either purchase a CD or download either albums or individual songs in digital MP3 format. A great way to spread good vibes and to support and independent artist! 🙂

Progress with Learning to See Energy

I used to hold the belief that I couldn’t see energy or auras, while John has been able to see energy all of his life. Recently I decided that it was time to let go of that belief, since seeing energy just seemed like an opportunity to get to know reality in yet another new way. And not only let go of the belief, but choose a new belief where I was now learning to see it. Even though beliefs are ‘just beliefs’ or ‘just thoughts’, it’s amazing how different they can feel when you shift your focus – even the ‘small’ shifts.

I selected some exercises from books I had and websites I’d bookmarked. I reminded myself that I had to play along and not dismiss something as an ‘afterimage’ or the like. As I lay down to go to sleep, it took me a while to relax my usual waking focus to something more open and loose. (At this point I have occasionally seen faint ‘sparkles’ in the room, which I think of as random energy.) Then, in the darkened room, I held my hand up in the air with the ceiling in the background.

I had to remember not to try too hard, and that I was aligning myself with the ability, not with NOT having the ability, or blocking it. I took deep breaths and let my gaze relax. On a conscious level, I was expecting to see a very pale haze of lightness around the outline of my hand. Which I did! Although I had to watch for the immediate dismissal, which I mentioned above. But what I wasn’t expecting to see was tiny sparkles of white lights, mostly in the spaces between my spread-out fingers! (Brighter and more concentrated than the random sparkles.) Even better, since it was something I wasn’t expecting, it wasn’t something my left brain could dismiss as easily.

Since that first time, I’ve been able to practice it a few more times. Each time I’ve had to take a little while to relax my daytime focus and tune into my intuitive faculties more. I’ll continue to practice, and as usual, see where it takes me. It’s fun to be stepping out into undiscovered experiential territory!

Note: While browsing The LD4ALL Lucid Dreaming Forum, I found this article about using your attention to what the author called “phosphenes” (my ‘sparkles’ – wikipedia describes them as “A phosphene is a phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.”) to attempt to induce a lucid dream. Click here to read the article, complete with some really helpful images.