It’s Just A Choice

Sometimes you just have to deliberately stop thinking an old thought and choose a new thought. The thought you WANT to think. For no other reason than it’s more aligned with what you want. This seems to be especially true if it’s a long-time habit of “worry” – worrying that you’ll run out of money, worrying that you’ll get fired from your job, worrying that something will come up that you can’t handle, etc. And the ‘general’ worries are even worse!

The good news is that worries are still only thoughts, despite the power and ‘proof’ of them we’ve experienced over the years.

The more challenging news is that sometimes we don’t have any excuses or reasons for choosing to think a different thought instead.  Once you’ve dealt with any emotional attachments you might have had to the old worry though, either good or bad, it really does come down to just a choice. A or B. Not ‘if I choose to think something else I’m in denial of what’s real’ anymore. Not ‘well other people believe this new thing so it’s probably true’ either. Just you – just what you choose to put energy into. Just you, trusting yourself.

Keep releasing your emotional attachments and stepping back from your unconscious proliferation of that unwanted thought/belief. Soon, you’ll see a whole new perspective (literally – it’s like having your nose pressed up against a brick wall, stepping back, and seeing that the wall is only three feet wide in reality!) – one where that old thought doesn’t fill up so much of your vision. Then, to mix metaphors, keep pouring more water out of that old glass and into the new glass whenever you catch yourself unconsciously reaching for the old thought.

It takes diligence and intention and courage but soon that new belief/thought will start to feel as real, if not MORE real, than the old one. Trust me. Or not. That’s just another choice you get to make… just because. 😉

— Be Where You Are – Choose What You Want —

Total Reorientation Book Now Available As Free Kindle & PDF Downloads

First, quite a few years ago, we put the Total Reorientation information on the website for everyone to read. Then later, we created a book you could buy to read offline.

And now we’re happy to announce that Total Reorientation is now available, for free, in digital form, for the Amazon Kindle devices, and in PDF form for other applications!

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We also want to tip our hats to the person who first emailed us to ask if we had a kindle version available – thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

When You’re Ready to Choose What You Want

I just read a brief article about a couple who’d lost their cat. They searched for it for six months, and then finally went to the local animal shelter to fill out adoption papers for a new pet. At the same time, another couple brought in a cat that they had just found, and of course, it was the first couple’s long lost cat! It’s a great story about synchronicity, but there’s also more to learn here about how everything was and wasn’t lining up.

Cat-Moon Watercolor ©Kristen N. Fox, http://gallery.artoffoxvox.comThe article shares that the couple was heartbroken and looked for their cat every day, so just imagine the sad, not connected, not-having vibe that might have been there, perhaps coupled with feelings of guilt as well. And after six months of working through these feelings, they shifted their vibe. Maybe they thought that so much time had passed that it was unlikely they’d see their beloved cat again. Maybe they decided that even if it wasn’t their lost cat, they really wanted to have a cat in their lives again. Maybe they thought that they’d done all they could and perhaps it was just time to move on, knowing other cats in the shelter also needed good homes. Vibrationally, they released their ‘struggle to find’, and their resistance to NOT having their cat, and stepped into the vibe of HAVING a cat, even if it wasn’t their previously lost pet, but a cat they wanted, nonetheless. Whatever their motivation, when they were lined up with having a cat again, the perfect cat appeared for them!

I was reminded of a similar story I heard a long time ago. The details are lost to me now but it was about a dancer who thought that the only way to get to dance in this one production was to consent to date the producer who was obviously interested in her romantically. She was not interested in him however, but her desire to be in the production was greater than her resistance to the idea. One night, she decided that she would agree to go out with him the next day because she wanted the part that badly. The next day, she walked into the theater, resolved to this path, only to discover that the producer had been replaced and she was hired into the production as a dancer!

At first, I thought that the story was trying to say that you should be willing to do anything you have to do to achieve your dreams, EVEN THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. But that’s not it at all! The real point is that you have to release resistance to what you do NOT want and what you do not want to do, since resistance is still an emotional/energetic connection. (In this case the resistance sprang from her belief that there was only one way to get what she wanted.) Release that resistance, let the unwanted choice just BE, and free up your energy from the entanglement. Then, you’re clear to vibrate with the energy of the desired probability, to be where you want to be, fully, with no negative attachments pinning you down.

I can relate a recent story of my own along these lines. My old laptop computer had a slow processor and other low-end features that were preventing me from being able to do the kind of graphics work that I needed to do, so I started to look for a new one at various electronics websites. I found a few that were as close as possible to the feature list that I’d wanted (processor type, price, screen resolution, hard disk size, etc.) and after a lot of comparison shopping, I narrowed it down to my top choice, even though it didn’t have EVERYTHING I really wanted. I waited a day or two, not really wanting to get a laptop that didn’t completely meet my criteria, but that choice seemed to be the best one I was going to find for the price, so I relented. I finally told John, “Well, I guess I’ll go buy this one – no sense waiting any longer!” On a whim and with no expectations, I checked my email one last time before going online to buy the laptop, and a flyer came in from another online electronics store that had ALL of the criteria that I had spelled out – not ‘close enough’ but EXACTLY. And at an even better price! My negative attachment had been the fear of not being able to have exactly what I wanted, and once I stopped fearing it and let it BE, the energetic attachment to it simply dissolved and I could move on.

Resistance, either to your current circumstances or undesired potential circumstances, splits focus between what you want and what you don’t want, but can also be part of the path of shifting energy from where it is to where you want it to be, like being led along step by step. The feeling of knowing that you’re ready to move forward is an indication that your energy is now freed up from old resistance and attachments (positive or negative) and focused, no matter what all of the circumstances might look like to the rational mind at the time. Shift your energy and probabilities shift around to meet your new choices, often in ways that you wouldn’t have been able to predict from your old perspective!

New Inspirational Calendar for 2013

Inspirational Wall CalendarWe’re happy to announce a new calendar for 2013… inspirational and enlightening quotations by our own Gradius & Ragon, as well as Buddha, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Blavatsky, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and more, matched with some of my own original art and photos, and wonderful photos of the universe by NASA.


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Interview with Rick Stack about The Secret to Healing Cancer Book

Many of you already know Rick Stack as being one of the original attendees of the Seth Classes given by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts in Elmira, New York, and as the author of Out-Of-Body Adventures, as well as the CEO of New Awareness Network and the owner of the website.

Now he’s also the editor of a book by Dr Tien-Sheng Hsu called The Secret to Healing Cancer: A Chinese Psychiatrist and Family Doctor Presents His Amazing Method For Curing Cancer Through Psychological And Spiritual Growth.

Dr Tien-Sheng Hsu is a highly respected medical doctor and psychiatrist in Taiwan who uses the Seth material as a main component of his practice. Among his many accomplishments, Dr Hsu has founded a Holistic Seth Clinic that has treated thousands of people for a variety of physical and mental illnesses and has achieved “miraculous” results by teaching people to address the real cause of illness and heal themselves using the principles presented in the Seth material. His method is based on the concept that all illness is a reflection of inner problems which disrupt the powerful immune system that is our natural state. This inner dis-ease can be described as unresolved issues, blockages, repressed emotion, habitual negative patterns of thought, or unhealthy behavior that exists in the individual’s psychology, life, and “heart”. Dr Hsu’s emphasis is on psychological and spiritual growth and on helping the individual to heal their psyche and their life. In this fashion they can reinvigorate and unleash the body’s powerful natural healing and recuperative powers. The many people who have dramatically improved or completely healed themselves with the aid of Dr Hsu, have resulted in a burgeoning interest in this approach throughout Asia. He is also the founder of the Seth Educational Foundation in Taiwan. (quoted from

If you’d like to learn more from Rick Stack about this intriguing book, you can now listen to his interview on the Conscious Talk Network.  Click here to listen to this podcast!