It’s Just A Choice

Sometimes you just have to deliberately stop thinking an old thought and choose a new thought. The thought you WANT to think. For no other reason than it’s more aligned with what you want. This seems to be especially true if it’s a long-time habit of “worry” – worrying that you’ll run out of money, worrying that you’ll get fired from your job, worrying that something will come up that you can’t handle, etc. And the ‘general’ worries are even worse!

The good news is that worries are still only thoughts, despite the power and ‘proof’ of them we’ve experienced over the years.

The more challenging news is that sometimes we don’t have any excuses or reasons for choosing to think a different thought instead.  Once you’ve dealt with any emotional attachments you might have had to the old worry though, either good or bad, it really does come down to just a choice. A or B. Not ‘if I choose to think something else I’m in denial of what’s real’ anymore. Not ‘well other people believe this new thing so it’s probably true’ either. Just you – just what you choose to put energy into. Just you, trusting yourself.

Keep releasing your emotional attachments and stepping back from your unconscious proliferation of that unwanted thought/belief. Soon, you’ll see a whole new perspective (literally – it’s like having your nose pressed up against a brick wall, stepping back, and seeing that the wall is only three feet wide in reality!) – one where that old thought doesn’t fill up so much of your vision. Then, to mix metaphors, keep pouring more water out of that old glass and into the new glass whenever you catch yourself unconsciously reaching for the old thought.

It takes diligence and intention and courage but soon that new belief/thought will start to feel as real, if not MORE real, than the old one. Trust me. Or not. That’s just another choice you get to make… just because. 😉

— Be Where You Are – Choose What You Want —