ReCreating the CC Website

Over the next week we will be recreating the Conscious Creation website. We’ve been planning on doing this for a while now – putting it in an easier to update format, cleaning things up, giving it a little facelift, making it more friendly to mobile devices, etc. And with Google now (as of today, even!) penalizing websites that AREN’T mobile friendly, it seems to be a good time. 😉

So, please pardon our dust for a number of days, as we convert a lot of older, hard-coded pages into the new format. We’ll get all of the content back online as quickly as possible, and will make an announcement here, and on our FB and Twitter accounts when we’re done. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience! 🙂

Update: (Caution – this will be a tremendously exciting post addendum about web page formatting, and site organization – LOL!) We’ve successfully converted all of the old html pages into the new WordPress (php) format (just a little shy of 400 pages!), which will be easier to us to update and should be easier for people to read on smart phones, tablets, etc. The old links will no longer work, but the pages are still in the same sections as before so they should be easy to re-find. Also, the search is now site-wide – before there was a search for the site and one for the blog, and the site one had stopped working a while back. We still have a few other bits of info to add, like a full ‘About Us’ page, links, etc, but we’re getting there. So, overall, the experience here should be a lot smoother. And, looking to the future, we’ll be able to expand the site much more easily as we go! So thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the new-ish CC experience here!