Lucid Dream/OBE and Levitation

One of our dogs woke us up around 4:30 barking at coyotes howling in the distance. After that awakening, I finally got back to sleep just after I heard John’s watch beep for 5 a.m. It was still quite dark out. Next thing I know, I’m sitting up in bed, but feeling paralyzed, and I try to yell for John, but I can’t, since my throat is paralyzed too. But then I become a bit more lucid and decide that I’m not going to panic, and that it was just kind of a leftover panic from previous sleep paralysis experiences, and I feel myself relax. Then I shifted in and out of awareness a few times, probably getting more completely out of that sleep paralysis mode, and next I found myself standing in the bedroom, sort of half-aware and trying to levitate things with limited success. But then I become more lucid, more “there” and begin to succeed in levitating things! Nothing large, maybe a mug, or whatever happened to be near me on the table, but I was getting really good at it. Was holding my hand out like the energy was coming from my hand, and object was floating in front of and above it. I don’t think I ever fully, consciously realized I was in a lucid dream or OBE, but the experience of levitating things was felt very real and physical, and a lot of fun.

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