Lucid Dream/OBE and Levitation

One of our dogs woke us up around 4:30 barking at coyotes howling in the distance. After that awakening, I finally got back to sleep just after I heard John’s watch beep for 5 a.m. It was still quite dark out. Next thing I know, I’m sitting up in bed, but feeling paralyzed, and I try to yell for John, but I can’t, since my throat is paralyzed too. But then I become a bit more lucid and decide that I’m not going to panic, and that it was just kind of a leftover panic from previous sleep paralysis experiences, and I feel myself relax. Then I shifted in and out of awareness a few times, probably getting more completely out of that sleep paralysis mode, and next I found myself standing in the bedroom, sort of half-aware and trying to levitate things with limited success. But then I become more lucid, more “there” and begin to succeed in levitating things! Nothing large, maybe a mug, or whatever happened to be near me on the table, but I was getting really good at it. Was holding my hand out like the energy was coming from my hand, and object was floating in front of and above it. I don’t think I ever fully, consciously realized I was in a lucid dream or OBE, but the experience of levitating things was felt very real and physical, and a lot of fun.

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  1. Please give yourself kudos for what you are accomplishing. In your telling that inner doubter is already poking its head in. I mean “but . . felt very real . .and physical” You know beyond that!
    Yes of course it was real. Physical? Yes. In the same dream you’re reading this in? Likely – you’ll have to allow yourself to determine that.

  2. Ive had very similar experiences. Where you find yourself trying to lift heavy objects with your mind. I found the heavier the object, the more mere concentration was required. Also the more you lifted, the easier it got. If i could find a way to enter the dream state and be aware for longer periods instead of just fragments, i could do things unimaginable by our laws of physics. Whats amazing is that all these things we exprience are simply chemical reaction in our brains. Perhaps we need the right chemical to perfect the perception of the dream world. Dreams are 100% real only as long as they are happeneing. The same goes for life.

  3. I had the same type of dream today. Really wierd and it had that reality-feeling expierience. In my dream I moved small pieces of paper. As I tried to move even bigger peaces of paper, it would require more patience and concentration. I really enjoyed doing this… It felt, that if I was required to stare at the object for a long time afterwards closing my eyes, seeing the object through my eyes closed. To get it in the air I just had to think of it a lot and relax, as if it was I who was trying to fly. I found it creepy when i become aware, that I can see the peace of paper with my eyes losed. When I opened my eyes, it would float only for few seconds and then slowly land back on the table. The whole thing was sort of…mind blowing.

  4. I levitated myself last night for the first time and i’m sure I came off the bed!!!!!
    After I lowered myself on the bed I saw blinding light flashing before my eyes with an impending sense of doom attached and that’s when I actually did get very scared and woke up. Has anyone experienced this???

  5. i had a dream a few minutes a go. it was amazing, i could levitate small items like dies and small toys, i dreamed i could unscrew loosely tightened screws and i even dented a large aluminum roof, as though i had done it with plyers

  6. Maybe someone will read this someday so I’ll put it out there. This morning while going in and out of sleep I noticed that couldn’t move. I did feel like I could force my movement, but I didn’t. Instead I closed my eyes again and relaxed.

    I’m sure you have all seen lights with your eyes closed to some degree. Well I focused on the random light I saw with my eyes closed and tried to make it real. In other words I tried to make the light bigger and stronger. When I did this I felt my legs rising off the bed. Got scared and lost my focus. Thought about it and decided to try it again and it worked. It was easier the more I tried it, but only my lower half went up. I slept inclined so maybe I would’ve lifted better in a horizontal state.

    I thought maybe it was a dream, but the TV was on and I could watch it. National Geographic was showing two people in a plastic box watching a group of lions feed. My eyes were closed when I was seeing this.

    What was on when I finally fully awoke? The same show. First experience I of this nature I have ever had.

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