Asking for Confirmation

The other day I was just relaxing, sitting with my eyes closed, when the name “Fiona” came to me. I wondered why I’d think of that name out of the blue, as I don’t know anyone with that name (except for the Host of the Thistle and Shamrock radio show on NPR, Fiona Ritchie, but not personally of course.)

Thinking that it might have some more significance than just a supposed random thought, I said to myself, “If this name/person Fiona is something relevant to me, like, say, a spirit guide or helper, let me know by showing me the name in the world somehow.” (As opposed to just hearing it in my mind.) Then I forgot about it completely and went about my day.

At the very end of the day, John was playing a game online where you can raise a dragon, hoard jewels, challenge other dragons and help friends during battles. He said, “Oh, it looks like your dragon is under attack – I’ll go help you.”

Just as a matter of conversation I replied, “Oh? Who’s the dragon?” He replied, “It’s named Fiona.” Suddenly the earlier communication came back to me and I had to laugh, and then tell him the entire story.

So next time you want some ‘external’ verification, just ask for it and expect it – it may come in really normal ways or the way the confirmation shows up might completely surprise you, more the fun!

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