Will Power

Just wanted to post a link to a brief article about Will Power – something not covered as much as it might be in reality creation discussions, in my opinion. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Will Power”

  1. As many have explained in-depth, “will power” is almost the polar opposite of CC. It is not hard to see why. Energetically one is both feeding that which one doesn’t want and also creating an energy of conflict. There is one thing one can create by “will power” – struggle.

  2. Although the author uses the term, what the article describes is not what is commonly known as “will power” It is about what I know as trust, conviction and knowing. This part sums it up:

    “Do not bring fear or doubt into this process. We manifest what we truly believe. Until you can believe in this process, you may want to refrain.”

  3. Sometimes it takes actual will power to break out of old habits of thinking – a matter of retraining the brain to focus in new directions. But I know what you’re saying – you can’t ‘force’ things to manifest. That’s usually what people are talking about with ‘will power’ in this context.

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