Mysterious Irish Towers

Irish Tower - image from  philipcoppens.comThis article about the unknown age, construction, and purpose of about 70 round towers scattered about Ireland is a fascinating read overall, but a few choice quotes (from separate sections) are especially interesting because of the implications about energy:

“Using infrared photography, it has been noted that though there is clearly a roof on this tower, on infrared photographs, this does not show up – hinting at the possibility that certain considerations in its construction were in place to create this effect.”


“Hence, Professor Philip Callahan – who was stationed in Ireland during World War II – suggests that the Irish round towers (and similarly shaped religious structures throughout the ancient world) were human-made antennas which collected subtle magnetic radiation from the sun and passed it on to monks meditating in the towers, as well as plants growing around the towers’ base.”


“Farmer John Quackenboss of Virginia decided to construct a round tower; in 1986, he erected five 6′ high terracotta pipes of 12” diameter filled with basalt gravel, covering an area of 1000 acres. He capped the pipes with a cone of concrete, made with basalt gravel and coated in crushed basalt, bringing the total height to two metres – nowhere near the height of the average round tower. After six weeks, his farm enjoyed increased crop yields, despite drought conditions. He reported that the area covered by the towers had higher rainfall, but less moisture evaporation.”

It’s fascinating stuff. I also remember Robert Monroe saying that he realized one day that he had many of his OBEs in a tower-like room with a pyramid roof. Related? You decide – LOL.
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