Stepping Off The Map

The concepts of conscious creation are pretty simple, in theory. (Note: ‘Simple’ does not necessarily mean the same thing as ‘easy’.) Most websites and books that discuss it cover the same basic ideas, including our website too. I do, however, think that the functional, practical application of these concepts in our everyday lives often reveals a LOT more about the process than is readily evident in the general theory. And of course, it reveals a lot more about ourselves.

In my opinion, after you integrate the basic concepts and any useful techniques or processes, you eventually have to step off the end of the known world and have to learn how to create your own map, often step by tenuous step. It goes beyond the momentum derived from the initial excitement of discovery of reality creation principles and initial successful applications, and into…. what? In my own experience, it gets grittier and less polished. It gets repetitive, necessarily lonely or singular, and disheartening at times too. It requires tenacity. It mixes hits and misses and we’re left to sort out why this worked and this didn’t this time, but not the next. And it becomes less and less about technique and more and more about being and who we are at a fundamental level. At this point, while occasional reminders of the principles won’t hurt, they don’t necessarily add anything to your understanding of the journey itself.

My point in writing this is just to say that I’m really looking forward to seeing this next phase of conscious creation begin to be expressed more often as people continue to share their own experiences with stepping off the map. From my own perspective, it seems like the kind of thing that might require a sense of completion before you can effectively write about the whole journey. Maybe it has to be relayed in more of a holographic manner. Whenever I’ve tried to capture certain aspects in words before completion, it has sounded just like stuff I’d already written before – nothing new to see – keep moving along.

Now, I know this is sort of an inconclusive post unto itself, and might not be very satisfying, but in that case, my point has been expressed in a few ways here as well – LOL!

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2 thoughts on “Stepping Off The Map”

  1. Very lite, easy to read and very well written. These experiences along the way (journey), unfortunately are all we can share, as the journey never ends. As once stated; “I was enlighted Monday but today is Saturday.” Being able to have your physical life run by your Soul or Spirit or whatever you chose to call it is the key and a continious practice to keep your awareness awake. It is a lonely journey at times and mostly singular for many of us as you said. Our western culture creates a mass chaos with so much distraction and so much focus on the material world that only the sleeping masses can tolerate it. This brings us back around to the singular part; there aren’t many of us, relative to the U.S. population, that are awakened. Thank you for posting your article, as it is always nice to get a little boost now and again. 🙂

  2. Isn’t this backwards? It is to me. The “concept of reality creation” is easy, but not simple. One who does, knows. And I think that one who is genuinely “awakened” is not concerned about all the sleeping people… not even about the equally sleeping people who like to brag how awake they are.

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