A Few Words for the Start of 2009

My thoughts du jour: it’s one thing to create something in your life that already exists as a possibility within your framework of belief. It’s another process altogether to create something that requires you to greatly expand your framework of belief or shift to a ‘new’ framework altogether before the creating can come to fruition. The first responds very well to the ‘be where you are and choose what you want’ idea. The second seems to be better suited to the ‘be where/who you desire to be and choose what you want’.

For me, there’s been a lot of release and detachment from the old framework/vibes. Constantly reminding myself to set something down when I keep picking the dang thing back up again. Or as Gradius & Ragan have said, keep choosing the new until you’re no longer choosing the old!

Hope this is a little bit of encouragement to those on what might have become a longer than expected path to manifesting what you want! HAPPY NEW YEAR!