CCJ – August 1998

August 1998 Issue

Beliefs as Tools or the Santa Theory (August 1998)  by George Garner
Cancer as a Turning Point – From Surviving to Thriving (August 1998) by Jemille Hardy
Channelings Du Jour (August 1998)
The Essential Nature of Conscious Creation (August 1998)  by Chris LaFontaine
Magic & Manifestations (August 1998)
Poems, Etc. (August 1998)
Religion I – 1 of 3, Perspectives from Universal Intelligence  (August 1998) by Michele Mayama
Traveling as Your Total Self: Bali and Hong Kong (Part 1 of 2) (August 1998) by Lisa Wallach
Uniting Experience and Expression (August 1998)  by John J. McNally
Three Steps into the Magical (August 1998)  by John J. McNally
Trusting Your Impulses (August 1998) by Kristen Fox
Your Own Personal-Mass Reality (August 1998)  by Kristen Fox