My Perspective: The Essential Nature of Conscious Creation by Chris LaFontaine

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August 1998, Issue 1

My Perspective: The Essential Nature of Conscious Creation
by Chris LaFontaine

I know, it’s a rather ambitious title. Especially the idea of trying to express a non-linear, fluid, experiential state of being in a written, word-structured, linear form. Then again, I’ve never let such details bother me before, so I’ll just plunge in, as usual.

People have ideas, visions, and projections about what is happening to us in these times. We talk of ascension, cleansing, embodiment, resurrection, enlightenment, rapture, and self-actualization. Then there’s the ever-popular tag team of apocalypse and Armageddon. All are names given to a process, and these words have been created and (mis)understood through the dense filters of duality and various belief systems. My view is that the real nature of the concepts described by these words cannot be truly known prior to having the experience of what they refer to, and that what is currently happening in consciousness is new and therefore can’t be known at all, since it hasn’t yet been in creation. So I wish to be clear that this article doesn’t purport to be about “the way things are.” It’s just my viewpoints based on my own experiences and awarenesses to date. Having said that, I’ll be pleased to now offer some more viewpoints…..from my perspective.

It’s probably not news to anybody reading this column that stirrings in the field of consciousness are again in motion on the planet. Not that there truly is a time without movement, but there are waves or a sort of pulsing in the energy that ebbs and flows. Accompanying this motion now pulsing is a birthing of a rather profound nature. A structure of consciousness that has been gestating for a very long time deep in the heart of our mother planet is moving into place, and we are all being moved by it as well.

I observe a broad spectrum of where people are at in their own soul’s evolution relative to these times. One could say that many are still quite asleep, some are awakening, and some are or have been assisting those who are awakening and are acting as bridges from the old to the new as they also continue their own growth. But now, something else is happening. A number of people are shifting into the next unfolding in the evolution of consciousness, or what has been called a culmination of an original intention of creation.

People in this current movement are releasing completely out of a matrix that has been named duality or polarity, and they are moving into and integrating a new matrix or structure of consciousness with fundamentally different principles than what has been our experience over the last many thousands of years. As those who have been so diligently working on embodying the new matrices begin to emerge from their cocoons, so to speak, an awareness grows that the old “rules” no longer apply. Those still woven into the old matrix may be observed going through all the old ways of doing things, but that way of being no longer has a hold on those who have left it, and the distortions within the systems are clearly seen for what they are and become irrelevant. One has an understanding that the old is dying out while being replaced by something that is birthing anew, and that how one IS in the new structure is not the same. The experience is different and creation flows another way. Being in the new while observing the old is to me the meaning of the saying about being in the world but not of it.

I’d like to offer an assortment of thoughts and maybe even some run-on sentences to describe the differences in perceptions experienced by those in each of the two structures of consciousness. I’ll begin with some of the beliefs that have risen in duality consciousness. I have selectively chosen perceptions from traditional and new-age religions for these examples. Some of the notions that have been held dear are:

“We’re a sorry lot of sinful humans who must be fearful and act according to the laws of God who is out there in heaven, somewhere. If we believe the right thing we will be saved, otherwise we go to hell. Believers are the chosen ones and will be saved at a time of planetary purification. I think, therefore I AM. You aren’t, but I AM. This belief is the truth, now go out and spread the word. We are hugely special extra-terrestrial beings on a mission to come here and save the world. Space ships will beam us (the chosen, the believers, those on a mission) off the planet and save us if things get bad here. Millions of space ships are going to land, ET’s are going to give us great tools and teachings, fix the planet and save us. Oh, and there will be angels…lots and lots of angels. We have to resist evil, protest injustice, and guess what? SAVE THE WORLD. When the earth changes begin we’ll activate our merkabas, go into another dimension and save ourselves (a variation on the saving theme). We’re ascending and we’re all (the chosen/saved/mission-ary ones) turning into beings of light.”

Do any of those have a familiar ring? Perhaps some of you even feel IRKED after reading something in that list. Sorry about that, but hey, don’t project on me! Get your own dang column. OK, I do acknowledge a certain satisfaction in taking pokes at cherished belief systems, but here’s the gist of it:

In duality we externalize our consciousness. We reference things “out there” because our perception of ourselves is as being separate from it. Since we’re not connected to or able to be in our own power we then come up with all kinds of intricately structured ways to extract energy from each other and the planet. Powerlessness begets powerlessness and the great king of the hill struggle for positioning is perpetuated. We act from those misperceptions of being powerless and separate from the whole, and since we’re asleep to our true nature we create from that place and generate oodles of karma. Then we spend several lifetimes mining those nuggets of buried treasure. While we’re at it, we take on great burdens of personal responsibility for fixing and saving things. We have forgotten that we are by design, creators, so we remain unaware that we are the source of all those things we’re trying to fix. We have generated for ourselves the experience of unconscious creation.

By now you’re probably relieved that I’m finally getting closer to the point of this article, so I’ll continue to forge ahead. If you haven’t completely lost trust in me at this point, I would ask you to hang in one more time and to move with me into another gridwork of consciousness. This isn’t a place of thinking, but of something quite different. Our awareness has released out of the mental plane and expands into a much larger multi-sensory energy field utilizing our highly evolved emotional body. We are at all times connected to the supportive life force of the Earth Mother through our lower expanded chakra system and to our essential Soul self and the light of information through our upper expanded chakra structure. We clearly discern through our body’s sensitivities those things which match us and those things which do not. Comparing and judging through the mental faculties is viewed as an historical novelty if even remembered at all. We are aware that there is only one vast organism of consciousness. Our multi-dimensional nature is obvious. We delight in our recognition that we are an individuated aspect of the One, expressing a unique configuration of qualities of the Source. Our constant joy is in freely expressing those qualities in forms that are part of the unfolding of creation. We have internalized our consciousness.

As an individuated expression of the Whole given free will to either choose love or away from love, we have made the choice to align with the true nature of our being and be in the world AS it. We have brought into balance the transformed feminine attributes and are in a co-creative relationship with all of creation. We listen and ask before we intend and move. We speak as we are spoken, we act as we are acted, we move as we are moved. We experience the pure bliss of the frequencies of Creator embodied, since by our choice we agreed to re-merge in a unification of Spirit in Matter bodies. Our creations flow through us into the whole and the reflection moves back through us as creation experienced, all in perfect orchestration without attachment to outcome. Our individual self is engaged in the freedom of expressing its unique gifts as the blueprint of its design unfolds. All that is needed for any creation is given as needed and when needed. We experience only the moment. We are awake. We are fluid. We are conscious. We are ecstatically joyful in our expression and our creations. We are Creator fully merged within creation. We are no longer alone. We are many. We are One.

And that, my beautiful, wondrous friends is but a tiny glimpse into the essential nature of conscious creation.

©1998, Chris LaFontaine. Printed in the August 1998 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

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