Magic & Manifestations – August 1998

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August 1998, Issue 1

Magic & Manifestations

The Brazil Soccer Jersey

My eight year old son is a real soccer fan and yesterday I agreed to check out some sports memorabilia stores for a replica of a Brazil soccer jersey which he desperately wanted. The first store didn’t have any – hardly surprising, given Brazil’s success in the World Cup so far. I then thought I’d try another two stores that were a few blocks away. On the way, I thought, “This would be a great time to use conscious creation.” While walking to the stores, I imagined a sports memorabilia store, then imagined me walking into it and seeing, to my delight, a yellow and green Brazil jersey of just the right size. The first of the two stores didn’t have any soccer jerseys at all. When I walked into the second one, I looked around for a while. I saw no soccer jerseys here either. Then I looked to my right and saw a rack of T-shirts, none of which had anything to do with soccer, but hanging on the rack, all by itself, was a brand new shiny yellow and green Brazil soccer jersey, just like I had imagined it! It was the only soccer item in the whole store! And it was my son’s size. Needless to say, I (and my son!) am a very happy camper. Very encouraging.

Thomas, Toronto, Canada

Creating Golden Handled Pots

In summer 1997, shortly before my birthday, my love Juergen and I went shopping. We wanted to buy something from a store that sells all kinds of electronic hardware as well as things you need in the house. On our way inside we passed an area with things for the kitchen. I saw some beautiful stainless steel pots, with golden handles and glass lids. I pointed them out to Juergen, telling him that I find those pots so beautiful, and that one day I would like to have some of those. Then I forgot about it as we went on to our destination.

Some weeks later we visited my parents. We couldn’t be together on my birthday, so they wanted to give me my belated present now. They gave me a fairly large parcel. I unwrapped it, and couldn’t believe what I saw! You guessed it, out came four steel pots that looked just the way I love, golden handles and glass lids and all! The memory of my wish at the hardware store came back to me, and my mouth dropped open because here I had an example that this creation stuff really works. Of course I checked with Juergen if he happened to tell anybody about my wish. He hadn’t. Neither had I.

I still enjoy cooking with my pots and still smile about this effortless and fun creation.

Susanne Kruse
Kiel, Germany

Name that Dream

I woke up in the middle of the night remembering a dream I had.  John also woke up at the same time.  We were both in that groggy state, and I said, “I had the strangest dream…”  And then I paused a long moment as I tried to put the feel of my dream into words.  Before I said another thing, John said, “Oh, yes, I see.”  And I said, “But I didn’t say anything.”  Then John began to tell me about all of the images he’d seen in his head.  The essence of the images that he’d visualized were the equivalent of my dream!

Telepathy lives!

Kristen Fox
Paicines, California

Sliding through Probabilities

Monday, June 1, 1998

I just saw a FASCINATING movie:  Sliding Doors. It’s about this woman who has a probable “split”.  The movie is shown in parallel, showing both sides of her life, often in quick succession.  The split occurs when one part of her just misses a train in London.  The other part of her just makes the train, stopping the “sliding door” from closing and just barely getting through. (This occurred just after she’d been fired from her job).

The one who made the train meets this guy who becomes her next boyfriend after she suprises her present one in bed with another woman. The one who misses the train immediately hears an announcement about major delays in the train schedule and gets mugged when leaving the station, spending time in an emergency room.  When she gets home, the “other woman” had already left and so she’s left with only suspicions about infidelity.

It was done quite skillfully, possibly by someone who understands Seth’s probability concept.  It shows bystanders in both versions of the events who probably wouldn’t know the difference between the realities.  After watching the movie, I had several interesting experiences getting home.  I decided to go to Marin County on the bus, got on one, and then changed my mind, convincing the driver to let me off on Lombard Street.  Then I waited for a Muni bus to go to the Exploratorium (a science-oriented tourist trap here in San Francisco), changed my mind again, went and ate lunch at International House of Pancakes, and then went to the Union St. Street Fair.  And at each sudden change of mind, I had quick glimpses of myself staying on the courses I’d just left!

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

I related the first of those on Sunday, after seeing the movie, where I suddenly, aggressively, changed my mind two or three times. And then, for an instant, I sensed the version of me who stayed on the previous course.  I can add that they were almost like ghost images.  It’s almost like I’m flexing muscles I’m not used to using.  Now, every time I see sliding doors, especially our version of the subway (both BART and Muni Metro, here in San Francisco), but also elevators, I think of this movie, and wonder what reality I’m “walking” through.

Now, of course, last night (Monday), I “HAD” to see “Sliders”, the series now showing on the Sci-Fi channel, which had as it’s “probable present of the week” one where we share the planet with Dinosours.  Next, last Friday, I’d planned to attend today’s Silicon Valley Linux Users Group meeting.  It was crystal clear to me last Friday that it was going to be held on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7 PM at the “Cisco Systems” building in San Jose. I went through a lot of planning, including all the transit connections I’d need to go through to get there from San Francisco.  So here it is after work today.  I go through some “sliding doors” to get on Bart, the first of the public transportation to get there.  I’m on my way to Fremont, where I’m to transfer when I take another look at the printout I’d made about the meeting.  You know, the one which mentions the meeting to be held on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3RD!!!  I KNOW that I’d seen Tuesday last Friday!  Well, I exited at the next Bart station, took the next train back to San Francisco, and reached home about 5:30 PM.

Now, the punch line.  Here I am at home and 6:00 PM comes along.  I don’t often get a chance to watch “Star Trek: The Next Generation” but I know it’s always on 6PM weekdays on San Francisco’s channel 44 so I turn it on.  It’s the episode called “Parallels” where Lt. Worf (the Klingon) comes back from a tournament and reality slowly changes for him.  For specific reasons, every time Geordi LaForge comes close to him, reality slides another notch away from where it just was, changing people’s ranks, and relationships each time.  Now, of ALL the episodes I could have seen…   I think my Essence (Higher Self, Oversoul, etc.) is trying to tell me something!  I’m listening this time!  “Which me? Which world?”  Where am I going to “slide” to next?

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Now here it is, over a month and a half since I’ve seen “Sliding Doors” and I STILL think of probabilities every time I see a sliding door!   I also have an ongoing “probable” situation I became aware of about a week ago.  I have a Sony Clock- Radio- CdPlayer which I’ve grown attached to, since I can choose exactly what music to wake up to in the morning. The only problem is how many different ones do my probable selves own?  Because there’s one where the “Snooze-Alarm” button is small and another one where it’s fairly big.  One where it’s close to the edge of the top front and another one where it’s recessed an inch or so from the edge.  In other words, at least two and maybe more!

Happy probabilities!

Ken Parker
San Francisco, California

Generosity Rewarded

I recently recalled an experience that happened to me that I had almost forgotten about.  I was on my way to a Girl Scout meeting with my friend Linda Knerr.  We were stopped outside the building by a polite young man who needed money.  He explained that he had moved here recently from CA and didn’t have any money.  He just wanted a little money to get a bite to eat.  I  told him I didn’t have much on me but I had some change so I would see how much I had.  I took out my purse and gave him the quarters and dimes which amounted to a few dollars.  He thanked me and left.  I wished him luck.  Later that evening we stopped at a store and I looked in my purse and much to my suprise there was a ten dollar bill.  Was the universe rewarding me for my generosity?  I think so!

Linda Burke
Tillson, New York