Poems – August 1998

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August 1998, Issue 1 Poems, Etc.

The Flow
    by Terrill L. Croghan
    November 27, 1997

The tumbling choas of a mountain stream
Suspends its quest
For communion with the sea
In a still, verdant pool
That seizes my searching gaze.

This emerald mirror
Reflects a weathered face,
Gnarled ears that have heard,
Seasoned lips that have spoken,
Crows’-foot eyes that have seen,
All my heart has felt
And my soul absorbed.

Questions float through my mind
Like dancing Autumn leaves
On the stream’s cascading crests.
What was the purpose of it all?
What lessons have I learned?
Who am I?
What now?

As does the water’s odyssey,
All things change and flow;
The sea becomes the air in Summer,
The air becomes the rain in Fall,
The rain becomes the snow in Winter,
The Springtime melt becomes the stream
That begins again to seek the sea.

Just a glimpse in time, perhaps,
Is this rippled image I behold,
A captured instant in the flow of all that is,
To balance,
And the endless journey’s new beginning.

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The Seed
    by Terrill L. Croghan
    June 19, 1997

A wayward seed struck barren ground,
Strangled by sorrow,
And inertia,
Doubting its survival.

It lay there numb to time,
Buffeted by fate,
And change,
Wallowing in despair.

It whisked away in Winter’s storms,
Tumbled by fear,
And regret,
Praying for discreation.

It came to rest when Winter passed,
Found a fertile soil,
And safety,
Stirring timidly to life.

It quickened and began to grow,
Nurtured by the Springtime rain,
And sun,
Drawing energy from itself.

It flailed its confining armor,
Struggling for acquittal,
And freedom,
Knowing someday it would be so.

Finally it burst its outworn pod,
Exploded kaleidoscopic blooms,
And leaves,
Reaching unfettered for the light,

Awash at last in peaceful sunlit joy.

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    by Joann Filomena

Sparkles of consciousness
within infinite expanses
begin to imagine
dreamlike wanderings.

Glimmers of images
dance around the edges,
ideas taking shape,
fleshy beginnings.

Awaken O dreamers
and open divine eyes,
upon the splendor
of your thoughts.

Delight in motion,
to joyous sensations.
Remembering not
your dreaming birth.

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A Hole to the Sky
    by Kristen Fox

There’s a hole to the sky
Where that tree used to be;
Blown over by the winds of change

It tried to stand stoic,
Gripping the ground with fierce determination,
But the universe has a saying – “When it’s time,
You can either go willingly,
Or you can go.”

The trunk finally gave,
Splintering apart like dry kindling,
Severing the tree from its roots.
City workers took the entire day to free it from its dying tangle with the overhead wires.
A last ditch effort at denial.

And now there’s a hole to the sky.
I can see so much farther.

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