CCJ – April-May 1999

April-May 1999 Issue

Channelings Du Jour (April-May 1999)
Dreamworking in Metaphysics (April-May 1999) by Jeri Noble
Holy Fuck – Evolution of a Touchy Feely Person (April-May 1999) by Mui
Letting Go of Pain (April-May 1999) by Shahma
Light of Avalon – Illusions (April-May 1999) by Jennifer Avalon
Live the Dream! – Meditation as Communication – Part One (April-May 1999) by Lisa Wallach
Loving Yourself In Every Moment (April-May 1999) by John McNally
Magic & Manifestations (April-May 1999)
Multidimensionality (April-May 1999) by Daniel Jacobs
The New Myth of Male and Female (April-May 1999) by Pamela Chamberlyn
I Have A Theory: Now What? (April-May 1999) by Kristen Fox
The Power of Paradox (April-May 1999) by Kristen Fox
Sit, Pedal, Steer (April-May 1999) by Chris LaFontaine