Channelings Du Jour – April-May 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April-May 1999, Issue 5 Channelings Du Jour

Crisis, Struggle and the Path to Greater Peace
Omni through John Payne

Greetings beloved ones, this is Omni. If this is the first time you have joined with our energy as we speak, welcome, if you have visited us before, we welcome you most heartily again.

Crisis and struggle has been a part of human existence for aeons and has played a role in the forming of humanity. Many of humanities important milestones have been marked by crisis – war, famine, earth changes, political upheaval – to name but a few. Looking back at your history, it is clear to see that humanity as a whole has used the creation of crisis in order to effect change. These changes have often been widespread, including social, religious and political changes.

Let us take a look at this century. The social changes that have taken place in this century are unparalleled in any other. However, in order to bring about these changes, humanity has created one crisis after the other, mostly war. What you have called the Second World War has brought about changes that have been far-reaching and permanent. Faced with the reflection of horror humanity began to go inwards to look at it’s nature, it’s very being. This has lead to great strides forward in the creation of world peace. Although wars are still raging here and there, the majority of people on your planet seek peace and prosperity for all rather than division. This desire can be seen in the changing political map of Europe and the way in which the so-called ‘super powers’ relate to one another and to other countries. In addition to political change, social changes has also brought about an air of compassion, acceptance and understanding. The position and rights of women have changed in a large portion of the world, allowing feminine influence in the world of industry, politics and philosophy. In what you call the “new age” there has been the rebirth of the high priestess archetype with many of your current world servers and teachers being female and rather influential.

In addition to all this, acceptance of diversity is growing. Acceptance for differences in race, colour, culture and same gender relationships is leading towards a more loving and compassionate world.

However, struggle need not be the way in which humanity chooses to create changes for the good. A new paradigm is being created, a new thought form. This thought form says that you can grow and learn with joy, indeed, even with laughter. Many of you believe in the saying ‘no pain, no gain’, because the concept of growth through pain has been so firmly rooted in your society for so long, and it would seem that reality reflects that belief. However, it is only a belief, and although beliefs create your experience, beliefs can be changed, and therefore what you experience will be different also. Owing to this belief, many of you also expect that the coming years will be difficult for humanity, however, it need not be so.

So let us apply this on a more personal level. Struggle and adversity has been used down the ages by many, many souls as a means to create strength. Until a soul learns otherwise, the most effective tool it knows for learning will be utilized. Take a moment to think of some of your most respected spiritual teachers and other leaders. Many of them have had to overcome many great challenges, but all of them will acknowledge that they would not be who and where they are today unless these experiences had formed them. Those who overcome great adversity develop strength, love and a sense of compassion that is not often found in the majority of those around them. It does mean to say however that if you have had no adversity in your life that you do not have these qualities. It simply means that when you face your deepest fears as manifested in your experience, you cannot help but come out of these experiences much stronger and uplifted.

If you are in crisis, or feel scared by a past crisis, do not look at yourself as a victim of circumstance. Rather, choose to look for the opportunities for growth that are presenting themselves to you. You are the creator of your own experience, and nothing can come to you unless you have one some level requested the experience or event. The moment you cease seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance, but as the creator of your experience, you become empowered not only to understand the gift in the event, but also empowered to create the changes your were already looking for on a deeper level. Crisis creates change. Often, when you are feeling the need for change, but do not know how to create it, a crisis will come along to encourage you to take action. Crisis cannot be ignored, so they are effective in their intention to help, uplift and illumine the individual they visit.

Through using and acting upon your intuitive feelings, you can prevent crisis from visiting your life. Looking back on crisis, most people can see how they were already asking for change, but did not know how to create them. Crisis then came along and helped them to create those needed changes. Avoiding crisis means listening to your feelings, and honouring them. It means creating freedom in your life to be who you are, being free to express yourself and your talents. Whether your crisis has been emotional, physical or financial, it has come bearing gifts. Sometimes it means choosing a new direction in career, or leaving a relationship that no longer serves you. It can also be the motivator behind changing beliefs that have been stopping you being all that you want to be and are able to be.

Look back on crisis as a friend for you can only leave those things behind you love, accept and forgive.

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Energy – Part 1
Tiamo through Tom Vogel

In dealing with consciousness, we find we are dealing with energy in infinite forms many evident even in the universe known as physical, evident that is in the sense that even the outer senses can detect certain variations.

The underlying current so to speak of all of these areas of consciousness in this spacious now is energy. In widening ones focus to include awareness of the energy  capsules of other consciousness or entity, you find that  there is energy, which has basis or foundation, so to  speak, in love. This word has many meaning within the  many beliefs and belief systems in your world.  Nevertheless, the core of this is caught through feeling  the idea or moving into the concept itself and feeling the  energy of it.

The energy you deal with each day comprises many of the forms which the inner senses deal directly in but which in the separation most know as the outer take no notice. They become the ideas and beliefs and they manifest into matter.  The energy behind this action is the vitality that moves these ideas or perceptions into the experience of feelings or actual matter. Reality is in this. Using the energy consciously, one may learn the varieties that different movements of consciousness  may take. It will enable the direct creating of many things providing your beliefs are in-line. It will enable one to make more complete use of the inner senses as this is becoming directly in energy.

This action will blend so easily the… so called inner and outer senses into a sense of complete balance , that this will come in more complete practice. Working with another in these areas will help you confirm and trust the actions many view as merely imagination within  their beliefs.

Remembering also in your accomplishments that there is no action that is ever exactly the same, that only one constant in consciousness and energy is that there is always change. You may reproduce many areas in energy that are… or seem much alike yet it is like in viewing the energy you create your body of…or any  matter…it is not a constant but a fluctuation, a disappearing and reappearing , in your terms. Many would think this as a cycle yet this constant action is the stability and duration of the appearance in your terms.

Using energy directly and moving in intent involves moving into the area of a timelessness within consciousness and using the inner senses in coordination with all areas of self. With practice this will open many abilities that will vary to the intent and desires of each  different consciousness but will hold some unity in the agreements made in forming your world. It is similar to viewing your now  unconscious creating in mass so to speak , yet this action will be more direct within your shift, and many are exploring this action and moving into this action with more intent. It will be the accepting or letting go in other terms of the beliefs that hold many of their  attention.

Give yourself a pat on the back collectively, for you all in your own ways have been achieving much in many areas. There are many beliefs which will surface that you will accept or let go to move deeper into this becoming you hold desire of in this shift, as this is and will break through self-barriers or the veils spoken of in  so many words. Know also that all of these concepts, as they become words, are somewhat distorted in that they have become part of you outer camouflage, so to speak, and in this use your inner senses to feel the concepts behind the words.

Move into the energy this information originally was and feel this… as all knowledge is available to all and it is in the energy behind all speaking, so to speak.
This exchange with Tiamo began in December of 1997.  This action began after I created a heart attack to uncreate, in May of ’97. The NDE altered many views of consciousness for me, in a manner of speaking.

I am 47 and had OOB and precognitive and such experiences with inner senses as far back as I can remember and that is the age of 2 or 3 years old. I live near the center of North America in North Dakota, presently. :o)

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