The New Myth of Male and Female by Pamela Chamberlyn

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April-May 1999, Issue 5

The New Myth of Male and Female
by Pamela Chamberlyn

One by one we each are coming up to and pushing through the “energy membrane” that defines the new age we are about to enter. Many of us are feeling the uncertainty and disorientation of standing with one foot in one world and one foot in the next. We have chosen to go forward, but not yet totally. What comes to my mind is that scene in the movie “stargate” where the team approached the swirling energy gate and stuck their hands through and then gathered the courage to step all the way into and through.

The thing that is different now is that what we are going through feels SO close to home! Yikes! It’s inside of us! It’s about us! Not some thing we can keep out there to examine and observe and talk about at a nice safe distance! This growth, this stargate, is gestating inside our own bodies, our own personal lives. It’s up close and personal and very sensitive! We are pregnant with the new myth. it is growing inside each of us. and we can share with each other about it, we can talk about it, but the experience of it inside of us is so unique, so individual, there is almost an aloneness in it.

The new myth will summon forth the energy of the ethers and it will create, atom by atom, a whole new world, a new holodeck to play in: the “aquarian age.” We are its pioneers. We are its characters and we are its gods. Who said there are no new frontiers? When you exhaust the possibilities of one world (and we haven’t) we just create a new one to explore. Gods play like this, you see. <smile>

Some of my brothers and sisters and I are gathered in dialogue and exploration of the roles of males and females in the new myth. With some joyous giggling like children we are also questioning each other about sex in the new myth.

A brother asked me: “What do you mean when you say ‘male awakening’? It sounds as if women were awake all along, waiting for men to wake up.”

Dear brother, believe me that is not the truth. Most women still slumber, just as men! And that’s surely a choice at the cookie counter of life. Women have been far from awake, myself included. I yawn, I stretch, I reach out from my sleep to touch the brothers at my side and together we who choose, awaken and make Love. (metaphorically and literally)

Women are waking up. 🙂

Men are waking up. 🙂

Together we wake up. 🙂

My friend observed from his own experience, “I agree that men become more sensitive, if that is what you mean…”

This is a LOT more than men becoming more sensitive! But I am thrilled that men are becoming more sensitive. We can hardly follow our Inner Being which communicates to us through our feelings, if we still have that part of our energy bodies asleep. I see that both men and women in our culture have so repressed their feelings as to make them inaccurate and unavailable as guidance tools. We’re in this one together. Women may be a little bit more in touch to their feeling natures, but not necessarily in a clear or constructive way. For many women I think it may be their emotions they are expressing more, not their feelings.

There’s a difference. Emotions come from our egos and are fear- and lack-based (my semantics). Feelings come from Spirit and are pure expressions of unconditional and eternal Love. We cannot trust our emotions. We can trust our feelings. I think the quality of our awareness of our own feelings is a very important factor. Our egos can kick up quite a storm in our emotional bodies and I would hardly call that guidance. I have seen many people, like lemmings, follow their “feelings” over cliff after cliff to their destruction. Over and over again. Hmm. I think I know that cliff myself. <grin>

As I go within to my own inner Knowing, I have come to differentiate between “feelings” and “emotions.” Feelings are pure energy communication from Spirit. They are the “language of Light”, the “Stream of Pure Positive Energy.” They are the unconditional Love, the Joy, the Passion we are aspiring to. Emotions, on the other hand, are the ego bastardization of that spiritual impulse. Emotions are unstable, unreliable and confusing. Emotions are when you can say you love someone and then hold a gun to their head, like my dad did to me when I was six. Love? Oh, please! I think NOT! This “love” comes and goes and causes countless pain. It’s very inconsistency has caused this desperate clinging to each other that we have all experienced in “loving relationships.” This “love” abuses children and fills divorce courts and wages war in the name of “god” (I love my country).

That is not LOVE. Thank god(dess).

What we all, men and women, are awakening to now is our own wholeness and the purity of direct spiritual connection. This wholeness has always been represented by the great circle of Light… medicine wheels, celtic spirals, etc. “Waking back up to” is probably more accurate, but like the spiral, at a higher and broader level than ever before. In that great circle of Life we are each whole, sovereign entities: we are masculine, we are feminine, we are Spirit, we are divine child. In the Disney film “Lion King” the young male lion experienced life, had his masculinity challenged, but ultimately became him Self and assumed his rightful role as heir to the kingdom. Not far off as an archetype. If you are not familiar with the word “sovereign,” look it up! I think it is a key to the awakening male and female myth. If I am sovereign, I do not need anybody, but out of my wholeness and fullness and overflowing abundance I choose to share who and what I am with beings of like vibration.

Do you think maybe Jesus (I quote him not to offer religion) left us a clue to this awakening when he said “Ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, except Ye become as a little child”? I think so. The Joy and Passion that we know in our hearts as our True Purpose here comes from our wholeness and is expressed through our childself. The child… the south of the medicine wheel… is our physical self (why so many of us are manifesting body issues and are completely rebuilding our bodies), our being free and spontaneous and creative in our physical world. With the inbreath of the ALPHA and the outbreath of the OMEGA, we are spiritually connected and physically focused. And that is the Divine Child. God itself dipping deliciously into physical and laughing and playing, never separate from its Self. The alpha and the omega are held in place, as it were, balanced by two “beings” (energy expressions) standing to either side of the Sacred Breath.

To one side stands the masculine self (our mental self) and to the other side stands the feminine self (our feeling self). These two expressions, our mind and our feelings, are meant to stand, to function, in perfect balance and partnership with each other. Together they hold the gateway open for the Alpha and the Omega, the inbreath (god inspirits the world) and the outbreath (we as heaven on earth give thanks and praise to Creator through our creations). The “separation from god” was nothing more than a split between the masculine and the feminine gatekeepers… an imbalance between our minds and our feelings. Our current sexual identities of male and female derived from this split within ourselves.

A task for both men and women in this awakening is to restore the balance, the partnership, the joyous sexual Light dance between their own minds and their feelings. Hey, great sex starts within! It’s not something someone does to you or for you. It’s a natural passion and power emerging from within yourself. You simply attract people of like vibration to share your own inner dance of Light.

Herein lies ALCHEMY incidentally, the power to CREATE! There is no deliberate creation without this inner Lovemaking of the Self. And this is how men as well as women will experience the joy of giving birth to their creations. Ecstatic sex and procreation lie within each person in their own wholeness and completeness within themselves! It’s a whole package we all have, masculine and feminine, in each of us, albeit perhaps dormant. Your dreams, your projects, the things you want to create: this is procreation, these are your “children.” Men give birth to their creations just as women do.

Imagine the sex when two whole people who are dynamos of lovemaking within themselves get together and generate some heat! Ohmygod! Stand back! There is LOVEMAKING going to go on here!!!!! Tantra won’t hold a hat to it!!! Kazowies!!!!!

The age of aquarius is the age of brotherhood and equality. This will emerge out of individuals confident and connected within their own selves. One of the defining characteristics of the aquarian age will be Self discipline. Note that I capitalized the ‘S’ of Self. The first step into this vibration is finding and returning to your own sovereign wholeness, be you male or be you female. Rather than live here in physical expression as an ego self (lowercase ‘s’), we will live from our own wholeness. Rather than decide here from external influences and authorities, we will go within, each of us, to our own inner Knowing, and our decisions, our actions, will be inspired from our own sovereign connection to Source. We will live from the integrity of Self (connected to Source) direction. And because our Self will always direct us in ways that are harmonious to and benefit the Whole, we will always find ourselves in “win-win” situations in our interactions with others. This will do a lot to alter the relationship dynamics between the male experience and the female experience. For one thing, we will be able to trust each other and count on each other. We will be fearless in our relationships!

When I time travel into the future, I see very clearly partnership societies, with men and women as equals; each individual supported fully by their community in bringing forth the unique gifts that they came into physical form to share. We have anthropological evidence of the previous existence of partnership societies on this planet. In their remains, there is no evidence of any instruments of war, no evidence of poverty, no evidence of abuse of women and children. And they are all characterized by a high level of abundance that was experienced by all. Subsequently, there was no evidence of extreme class differences.

I see every individual free to express their godhood however they choose to do that. There is no illness, no suffering, because we know that these things derive from lack of self Love and self allowing. They are not caused by any external influence; they come as symptoms of an internal imbalance.

How will it be then to be androgenous? I don’t see this as sexless or genderless at all! Quite the contrary! The first definition of androgeny in Webster’s Dictionary is “having the characteristics or nature of both male and female” … in other words, to have access to ALL that you are, to be whole. From your own wholeness, how would you choose to express being male if that is your gender choice? From your own wholeness, how would you express your femaleness if that is your gender choice? And just as some children would stand at the cookie counter of life and ask for “a sugar cookie, please,” (I want to be a girl this time around), there will be some who will stand at the cookie counter and want all the cookies at once and who knows what that will look like… but it will all be great! It’s going to be an adventure!

I Know that if we are open to this question… if we ask this question of ourselves… the answers will come dancing forth through us like rainbow currents of Light. I think that we each have a heck of a lot of joyous experimenting ahead of us! I can only speak for myself, but I AM asking this question of my Self: Self! What is it going to look like being Pam, being female, from my wholeness and sovereignty? How can I explore and expand and create this? I can have and do and Be anything I choose! I am summoning my magic Self to come and dance and Be and Make Love here through my delightful choice to be female!

In our not-so-distant past we let society define our maleness and our femaleness. We were not conscious, we surely did not question. It sort of just got dropped on us at birth and there it was, deal with it. Our families of origin refined it… You have a penis: “Suck it up! Be a man!”; you have a vagina: “Be quiet. Men don’t like smart girls.” We were powerless and locked tight in our chastity belts of male and female definitions.

Things are different now. There is this bodacious, incredible new myth gestating inside of you. The very heavens are calling it forth; your heart’s knowing pushing it out from within you and into passionate expression. Sometimes this being male/female may feel like a push/pull! This new myth is surely going to be born soon! And this time you get to choose, you get to decide: will you ask this question of your Self and open wide to receive your own unique answers: What is the new myth emerging for males? What is the new myth emerging for females? Ask and you shall receive 🙂 It can be any way you want it to be. Have great fun with it!

©1999, Pamela Chamberlyn. Printed in the April-May 1999 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Pamela L. Chamberlynn is a shawoman and priestess living in Florida. She uses her clinical background as a psychotherapist in combination with extensive training in many aspects of spirituality to bring joy to her own life and to the lives of those who choose to share her teachings. She practices through “Awakening: A Center for Well-Being” (1300 Executive Center Drive, Suite 405, Tallahassee, Florida 32301 – a website is under construction.) To be on her mailing list, email us with your e-dress or mailing address as you choose.