I Have a Theory: Now What? by Kristen Fox

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April-May 1999, Issue 5

I Have a Theory: Now What?
by Kristen Fox

It’s a question I ask myself as I perch on the edge of a new universe. And on the edge of an old one at the same time. I must have started to write this issue’s column about four times, about this theory or that, but none of them were really NEW. Finally, I had to admit to myself that, at least for this “phase,” my theorizing feels “complete.”

For a long time now, John and I have chuckled about the perfect symbology of living in a converted schoolhouse, as we have been extremely focused on learning all the ins and outs, all the theories, about how conscious creation works. It’s like we’ve been at Conscious Creation College, and we’re about to graduate. So, now what? Just like a regular physical reality university, I can guess that the next phase we’re entering focuses more on APPLYING these theories to our lives.

And I have absolutely no idea what that means. Not really. Now, I can IMAGINE what it’s like to wake up each day, to be aware in each moment, that I create the world around me and all of my experiences. But what’s it REALLY like? For instance, what does it feel like to walk through my creations without a trace of fear, and with complete confidence and connection with ATI? What does it feel like to completely forget all the limitations I had learned and simply be in the moment and choose what I want to experience?

When I graduated from college, I took my BS in Technical Communications and a minor in Computer Science to North Carolina with me and went to work as a Technical Writer for a hospital information systems company. While I feel that my college experiences DID actually prepare me rather well for what we usually and presumptuously call the “real world,” the job took these previous learnings and theories to a whole new level. A level that I had only the barest theories and imaginings about when I stood in the college gym and accepted my diploma.

Using our schoolhouse metaphor, I’ve lived within the psychological structure of the schoolhouse, examining every object and nuance in great detail. The more I was able to discern, the more I intuitively understood the larger framework within which I was learning. As I graduate, I am stepping out of this comfortable and now “known” framework, and into a much larger arena.

So, I guess I could say that my new theory is… just when you think you’ve come to the end and “know” it all, you find out you’re only beginning all over again. And truly, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. And as I hover on the edge here, I wonder just what the heck I’m getting myself into this time. <grin>

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