Light of Avalon: Illusions by Jennifer Avalon

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April-May 1999, Issue 5

Light of Avalon: Illusions
by Jennifer Avalon

A magic show is something many of us enjoy watching and participating in. The magician’s sleight of hand and the ability to pull a “rabbit out of the hat” can truly be based upon the art of illusion. What is seen before the eye may not necessarily be what is real.

So too in life do these concepts apply. Much of what we perceive as success and failure are based upon the information we absorb through our senses…well, at times those senses can be manipulated. The magician can also be at work on the television screen, movie screen and radio. The hand that can be quicker than the eye can pass before you hardly noticed….but the subconscious mind misses nothing…. that is where your library of personal information is stored. An accumulation of your thoughts, theories, and rules that you use to determine future decisions is all locked away in that part of you that is submerged.

About twenty years ago a test was conducted on a television audience viewing a two hour movie. Every minute for one frame a picture of a container of popcorn smothered in butter was flashed upon the screen. Well, after about fifteen minutes the majority of that audience started craving buttered popcorn. When interviewed later many stated they didn’t remember seeing any picture of popcorn! Therein lies the subconscious mind.

Many of us want to be successful in life…but what is success? That depends on who you ask. To some, being in the news and “famous” constitutes success. To others, it involves having large sums of money at their disposal. But our opinion of what defines success is based upon the mass of information we have accumulated over the years, and how we have sifted through it to arrive at our definition. The question is, has all this information been accurate? It’s okay to re-examine. To look at things from a different angle. You may discover something you missed the first time around. What may have looked correct at first might be flawed upon second observation. Why is this important? Because it puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. It is your body, it is your mind, it is your soul. It’s important for us to see truth, not illusion.

Take the time,
Jennifer Avalon

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