Magic & Manifestations – April-May 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April-May 1999, Issue 5

Magic & Manifestations

Eggs and Expectation

It was my son’s 10th birthday. My husband Carsten and I had discussed taking Dan to get his birthday present… he wanted the new lego space shuttle set. I was at my desk at home when Carsten came in the room and said he was taking Dan to the store to get the present. Off they went.

Within about 20 minutes I decided that I was hungry and went to make something to eat. As I entered the kitchen I thought “Oh goodie, I have broccoli… I’ll make brocoli and eggs,” one of my favorite meals. I was remembering that I had purchased a new head of broccoli the night before and that there were exactly two eggs left in the frig. I went to the frig and without even thinking or really even looking, pulled out the broccoli, the eggs, the butter and some cheddar cheese.

I went about making the meal, one I make often, in the normal fashion. As the eggs and brocolli and cheese were just finishing cooking, I grabbed a small plate and scraped them out onto it, put away the cheese and butter, and sat down to eat. Ate. Yum. Put the plate in the sink and rinsed it, put water in the pan to loosen the remains for easier cleaning later, and went back about my day.

About an hour later, Carsten and Dan came home and I was again at my desk. Carsten called me into the kitchen and asked “did you use the frying pan this morning?” “Yes, ” I replied, “Why?”

“Well,” he began, “I am sure I washed it this morning.. and now it’s on the stove with egg in it.”

“Well, you DID wash it. I took it out of the dish drainer and used it for my eggs and broccoli,” I responded, mildy wondering why this was such a big deal.

“Well, that’s the problem,” he said, “You had eggs. But where did you get them from?”

I laughed and said “Uh, from the frig, where else? Duh.”

“But, you see, that’s not possible,” he replied. “This morning when I took Dan to the store, I was getting out the ingredients for Dan’s cake and I took the last two eggs and set them here on the counter with the cake mix.” He pointed to the counter where the two eggs still lay, neatly nested next to the box of cake mix. “And,” he continued, “I took the empty carton to the garage to the recycling bin. So where did you get your eggs?”

I stopped a minute and thought, “Well, I opened the frig and took out the eggs and the broccoli and the cheese and the butter.” I thought again. “I made my breakfast and I put the butter and cheese back in the frig. I had peeled the broccoli into the sink. The peels are still there. But now that I think about it… I remember that when I put my plate on the counter to put the eggs and broccoli on the plate, I noticed that there was room for the plate. I remember putting away the cheese and butter. What did I do with the egg carton? I don’t remember. If it had been on the counter with the cheese and butter the plate would not have fit. Oh, maybe I put it in the trash, since it was empty.” I looked in the trash. No egg carton. I looked in the frig. No egg carton. We walked out to the garage, and there was the egg carton, sitting on top of the recycling.

Now Carsten showed me that he had bought more eggs for the cake, since he needed three eggs for the cake and had had only two. He showed me that here were three cartons of new eggs, with one egg removed and in his hand for the cake. So there were still three full dozen eggs accounted for there, plus the two eggs on the counter next to the cake mix.

“Maybe you found the eggs somewhere else in the frig,” he offered.

“No. I took out the carton. I remember.” I opened the carton in the garage and looked at it. I knew it was the same carton I had taken the eggs from that morning.

“So exactly what two eggs did you eat?” Carsten asked me, smiling.

“I don’t know, but they sure tasted like two normal eggs. Maybe they were imaginary eggs.. but they sure ate like regular eggs.”

I am pondering what it means to have eaten two eggs that are still sitting on the counter. And how I had noticed that Carsten and I seemed mildly “disconnected” that morning.. slightly out of synch.. nothing big, just sort of mildly distanced in some strange way. Is this what being in different probabilities feels like? And just what DID I eat with my broccoli and cheese?

Hmmmmmmm. No clear answers… just room for more thinking. Carsten points out that if this had happened to me and my oldest son Tom, he would have assumed that it was somehow our miscalculation of the event, but because it happened to him and he KNOWS he put the two eggs on the counter, and the carton in the garage, where it still is right now, then it forces him to see that something else happened here. For me, it is interesting to see that the idea of the two eggs I KNEW were there, were there. I never even THOUGHT of them NOT being there. They just WERE. and so they were. Automatic pilot is an interesting thing. I don’t even think I looked when I reached the carton out of the frig. I know where it is, and I reached and pulled it out without even thinking OR looking. But why, if he had removed the carton twenty or thirty minutes before this, wouldn’t I have just found no carton? Why wouldn’t I have turned and seen the eggs on the opposite counter by the sink? I never DID notice them there until after Carsten came home and pointed them out to me.

It is clear to me that this is all about expectation as well… but as I said, it’s also about the invisibility of creation… the seamlessness. I never noticed the carton was gone after I took my eggs out of it. I never noticed the carton wasn’t there in the first place. My expectation that it be there simply put it there. Now that would be a damn tricky thing to begin to notice. How does one notice what one creates if one has such clear expectation that something IS or IS THERE, that one never even notices that it is… unless someone else can come along and show that it isn’t, or wasn’t.. later.

Becky Mundt, Morgan Hill, CA
Leaky Roof Leads to Synchs

I have had a leak in my roof for a long time and finally had to do something about it. I have been afraid it would be too expensive, worried about being cheated, etc. Was hoping if I forget about it some nice person will do it all for me.

So today I saw an ad in the paper for a roofer and called before I could talk myself out of it. He called me a little while ago with an estimate–it was exactly the amount I felt I could afford.

We talked for a while & it turns out that I know his aunt and uncle, they are a very nice family and he offered to repair any flaws in the rest of the roof for me.

I first felt like kicking myself for not doing it before, then realized it would have been a sacrifice to pay it sooner. I know I have made the right choice and have been praising myself.

Then, the roofer came yesterday to get his deposit and I showed him about selling antiques on “ebay” (online) – he is a picker and now will bring his antiques to me to sell for a commission. He brought me a box of books and one was worth over $100. He also offered to do extra work for just the price of materials!!! How is that for a new start?? Onward and Upward.

Intention Wins Out

Back when I was 17 years old, a new store was built in my town, “Savon-Drugs.” To entice people to shop there, every time you purchased an item you were given tickets, as they were raffling off 10 prizes, the top prize being a 1976 red pinto wagon. So, for some reason, I told all of my friends that I was going to be the one who would win that car. I even told my parents, that car was gonna be mine, and that I was going to drive it home. Every day I would tell my friends that’s my car! I’m going to win that car, that’s all there was to it.

And as you can imagine everybody said, yeah sure Mary, keep dreaming, you’re not gonna win that car, you’re nothing but a dreamer, but I didn’t care what everybody told me, as I knew deep inside of myself that I was indeed gonna win that car. I had NO DOUBTS – NONE!! (Now, my family had never been a lucky one, we had never won anything ever before.)

So, on January 19, 1976, one day before my 18th birthday, my father, to humor his daughter, drove us down to the store where they were having the drawing for all the prizes. Everybody from town was there, all my friends too. Now to qualify to play in this raffle you had to be 18 years of age, so I gave my father all of my tickets and he also had his own along with my mothers too.

The drawing began, and guess what? They drew the numbers that were on one of our tickets, so my father went up on stage to sit with the other 9 contestants. Now once upon the stage, they were all asked to pick a letter in the name of “Savon-Drugs.” My father was sitting in the fourth chair and he asked me, ok Mary you pick the letter. I told him to pick the letter “R” in “drugs” as it was moving kinda funny in the wind, but there were three others ahead of him and I feared that they would pick the letter before he had a chance too, and thankfully they did not!! So it was finally his turn to choose and he chose the letter “R” like I had told him too.

Behind the letters were the prizes that you won, so they helped him unfold the huge piece of paper and he showed it to the crowd, not knowing exactly what his prize was! The crowd roared. I was screaming along with all of my friends as he held up “the new red car” I remember my best friend Joell yelling, “You bitch, Mary, you won it!! You bitch,” and he began hugging me.

Daddy drove the new car that we had won together home, it was so pretty! 4 on the floor and such a pretty color of red and best of all, I had done what everybody said I would not! I won that car!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Catherine