Superconscious Relationships

A online friend, psychic, and radio personality, Margaret Ruth, has just recently had her book, Superconscious Relationships, published! I haven’t yet read it myself, but the concept is quite ‘conscious creation’, so I thought I’d do a little information sharing here so more people could find out about it!

Here’s the official book blurb: “Want perfectly satisfying relationships in your life? 1-2-3. Done. It is that simple to cut through relationship information clutter and realize the universal operating laws of how superconscious relationships form. By understanding the 100-0 Law and setting a goal to experience healthy, joyful and whole relationships, you will only need a few things to make your people connections a powerful engine of personal satisfaction and expansion. Enjoyable, provocative, witty, compassionate – this sage book debunks the widespread relationship myth-information and identifies new superconscious habits with exercises such as The 100% Accurate Indicator of What is True for You and other book features including case histories, exercises, visualizations, illustrations and insights from acclaimed psychic Margaret Ruth’s decades of successful experience with thousands of radio callers and clients. Start having more satisfying personal connections today. You simply have to be willing to experience Superconscious Relationships for yourself.”

And here’s a few words from the author about the book and her background: “I have been doing psychic readings in the Salt Lake area for over a decade now and am most well known for being a regular guest on the top FM station morning show. After so many years of doing relationship readings in a compacted, pithy, radio-friendly way, I have written up some bottom line relationship ideas for my audience, which is the under-40 demographic. As you will see, the book aligns with my Sethian and Conscious Creation outlook. The book is my translation of this knowing for a group that is not perfectly familiar with the concepts. My attitude is that most relationships experts and books focus on how to fix not-good relationships and that it is actually easier and better to simply aim to have healthy, joyful, whole ones and then not so many fixes will be necessary. “

Either click on the image of the book above or click here to order the book at amazon and get more information.

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Imagination Practice and Expectation

Abraham suggests that when we imagine something we imagine it as if it were real, in front of us. We also have a Gradius & Ragon session (can’t find the exact one so I’ll paraphrase) with an exercise that suggests you look at something right in front of you, say, a pencil on your desk.  Get a feel for that pencil and it being solid, right there in front of you.  “Real”  Then apply that concrete, already existing, right in front of you feeling to whatever it is you want to create when you are imagining it.

If you’re trying to create something you have NOT yet experienced in your reality, imagine it first. Right. Ok.  But if it’s something we haven’t experienced before, and can’t reach into your left-brain/rational memories for that feeling tone or vibe, the feeling tone or vibe must come from your imagination instead.And if it’s something that seems more than a few steps away from your usual vibe you may need to work at it a little more too.

Meaning, the imagining itself might actually take a little practice.  Practice at getting the ‘feel’ right, which will be different from what we’re used to creating or even expecting, and also different for each of us. From my own experience, I’ve definitely had preconceived notions about how some desire would feel to me when I’d experience/create it finally, and I think the preconceived notions often got in the way of me connecting with the ‘true’ vibe or feeling tone of the desired creation itself when doing this imagining.  Connecting with the ‘reality’ of it, as it were – LOL.

Here’s a sort of funny example that occurs to me.  You know how EXCITED people are when they win, say, something like concert tickets on the radio?  Most of the time they scream with joy and go nuts.  Or at least, those are the only ones they play, so we might start assuming that’s how anyone would react.  But what if you’re the type that would just say, “That’s wonderful – thank you so much!”.  When you’d try to imagine yourself winning those concert tickets and screaming in joy it wouldn’t feel ‘right’ to you.  You’d have to connect with how the experience would truly feel to YOU and ignore the expectation set by your past experiences/memories with listening to other people win on the radio.

And beyond just memory, there have certanly been times when I’ve felt my left-brain processes have interfered with my attempts to imagine.  That is, when I had a belief that I couldn’t have something I wanted, the ‘can’t have’ thoughts would prevent me from connecting energetically with the feel/vibe of the desired creation.  They would even prevent me from being able to spend much time with my imagination at all.  Which, now that I’m thinking of it so specifically, makes perfect sense.  Because I’d be holding onto the vibe of “CAN’T” so much that I couldn’t touch “YES” hardly at all.  Even in my imagination. I can see where saying, “yes, that’s what you think, but I’m going to imagine it ANYWAY” would be one way around that block once you become aware of it.

So, having said all that, I’m off to spend some time in Imagination Practice!  This should be fun – heh.

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Expectation as Goal and Gauge

I posted a response on our Conscious Creation discussion list which I thought would also be a good post in this blog….

Sue had posted this quote from Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks): “The emotion you feel is always about the vibrational variance between where you want to be and where you are. If you’re out of balance, there are only two ways to bring yourself into alignment: Either raise your expectation to match your desire—or lower your desire to match your expectation.”

I replied:

Expecting to get what you want seems to be an indication that where you are and where you want to be are the same thing. The emotional experience of expectation feels very confident and knowing.

I think that aligning with the expectation of getting what you want can be an interesting challenge when you’ve been trained AGAINST having what you want (whatever you’ve been told you CAN’T HAVE and grew up struggling to get, or the like). After a while, you internalize the CAN’Ts and just struggle with it inside yourself, then it gets a bit harder to see because it seems like (and is) just a part of who you are at the moment. Soon, all you start to feel is negativity when you think about what you want, or stop knowing what you want altogether, instead of the good feelings or the desire/attraction itself – that does seem like one recipe for depression!

For myself, there’s been a loose process around dealing with this:

  • stop identifying with the negative emotion, in the moment, so you can really SEE it clearly for what it is and not just how things are.
  • catch the triggers that make you automatically react in that negative emotional way. Being around certain people, offhand remarks, environments, anything.
  • choose NOT to feel the negative emotions, even if you don’t know what else to feel at the moment.
  • choose to feel a different way, understanding that feeling the OLD way is NOT actually ‘natural’ even though it seems it is because you’ve been doing it so long.
  • choose to think/believe a different way, often uncovering what IS a ‘natural’ thought for you, buried under the opposite training. learn to trust yourself.
  • continue to catch triggers and use them to ‘massage’ yourself into a new perspective. Like catching yourself thinking when you’re supposed to be meditating, and just flipping back to meditation without chastising yourself or getting caught up in the drama of failure.
  • refinement on all of the above levels, repeating steps and process until you’re where you want to be.

I think our ability to align with our true desire, to expect what we want, is completely independent of any circumstances in our lives. In other words, we must choose to feel the expectation no matter what is going on around us, even if it’s the exact opposite, even while we still interact with our currently existing circumstances.  This is just another part of the process I described above. Sometimes we really WANT to be at the level of confident expectation, but we’re not yet, as it hasn’t all come together, and we can get depressed, tired of trying, tired of the ‘apparent’ lack of progress, etc. – these are just more negative emotions that we learn not to hold onto. Just let them go and return to where you want to be – sometimes that can be a struggle too.  (Another way to look at this is as a shift to being the creator of an experience/thing rather than someone who simply reacts to what has already been created.)

And how much can we REALLY expect? How much can changing our expectations really change our world, ourselves? Do we really expect to be able to eat chocolate cake and still lose weight? And what comes up for us when we decide we DO want to lose weight but also eat chocolate cake – beliefs about how our bodies work that are based on intimate self knowledge? Or based on current medical attitudes? Or based on what your mother taught you growing up? Beliefs about there being some things we can or can’t change or shouldn’t try to? And where’s that line between what we can change and what we can’t?  Who drew it there? And do we have the ability to erase that? Why or Why not?

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Stepping Off The Map

The concepts of conscious creation are pretty simple, in theory. (Note: ‘Simple’ does not necessarily mean the same thing as ‘easy’.) Most websites and books that discuss it cover the same basic ideas, including our website too. I do, however, think that the functional, practical application of these concepts in our everyday lives often reveals a LOT more about the process than is readily evident in the general theory. And of course, it reveals a lot more about ourselves.

In my opinion, after you integrate the basic concepts and any useful techniques or processes, you eventually have to step off the end of the known world and have to learn how to create your own map, often step by tenuous step. It goes beyond the momentum derived from the initial excitement of discovery of reality creation principles and initial successful applications, and into…. what? In my own experience, it gets grittier and less polished. It gets repetitive, necessarily lonely or singular, and disheartening at times too. It requires tenacity. It mixes hits and misses and we’re left to sort out why this worked and this didn’t this time, but not the next. And it becomes less and less about technique and more and more about being and who we are at a fundamental level. At this point, while occasional reminders of the principles won’t hurt, they don’t necessarily add anything to your understanding of the journey itself.

My point in writing this is just to say that I’m really looking forward to seeing this next phase of conscious creation begin to be expressed more often as people continue to share their own experiences with stepping off the map. From my own perspective, it seems like the kind of thing that might require a sense of completion before you can effectively write about the whole journey. Maybe it has to be relayed in more of a holographic manner. Whenever I’ve tried to capture certain aspects in words before completion, it has sounded just like stuff I’d already written before – nothing new to see – keep moving along.

Now, I know this is sort of an inconclusive post unto itself, and might not be very satisfying, but in that case, my point has been expressed in a few ways here as well – LOL!

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