Focus on WHAT You Want – Forget The HOW

The nonlinearity of dreams can sometimes get a point across more directly than reading a concept or idea in physical reality – not only does it engage more of the creative mind than the linear/rational mind, but it brings a feel/vibe with it, that sticks with you as you wake up. So even if the dream is presenting you with an idea that you’ve known in physical reality for a while, it’s doing it on multiple levels that help you really GET it, deep down.

Case in point, the dream I had the other night.  I had traveled from the United States to Canada, where I had gotten a hotel room and unpacked all my things.  However, as happens in dreams, I suddenly found myself back in the United States.  My thought process was this: “Oh, no, I’m in the United States, and I have to get back to Canada for my stuff, but I need my passport to get across the border, which is still in my hotel room in Canada!” (Naturally, my left brain picked up on THAT conundrum, instead of asking, well, how did you get back into the United States from Canada without your passport to begin with? LOL!) Linearly, it was a no-win situation.

But right after that moment of panic, a peaceful feeling washed over me and it was like I was being told, “Focus on what you want, forget the HOW!”  I actually smiled in the dream and then boom… next scene I was back in Canada where I wanted to be.

I have actually had other dreams where I’ve had to remind myself of this same thing. Dreams where I’ve showed up somewhere, done whatever I had to do, then got all bent out of shape because I forgot how to leave. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream or an OBE, you’ll know that focusing on where you want to go is all you need – no linear method is necessary.

This current dream; however, came at the perfect time to apply to my physical reality situation. Mostly as a reminder of how things worked, but the experience itself was a confidence booster showing me that I COULD really trust the message.  Focus on the WHAT and forget the HOW. It was a great way to wake up, literally and figuratively.

And I can’t forget about the symbolism of the passport itself! It wasn’t the passport that allowed me to go where I wanted to go, it was my focus and intention – the power within. The passport is just window-dressing.

Placebos are Getting More Effective

Wired recently published an interesting article: Placebos are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers are Desperate to Know Why.

The parts that intrigued me the most are the differences in placebo results in varied geographical and cultural regions (differences in beliefs!), as well as the idea that conditioning people to believe in drugs via media like television commercials also contributes to the effectiveness of placebos – programming is programming, eh?

To me, all of the information points to the power of the mind, of course – any placebo is really a reason or justification that the rational mind can accept for why a condition can now change. In the article, the implications are there, just between the lines. 😉

Anyway, it’s an interesting article, especially when viewed from a reality creation / law of attraction point of view. Click here to read the entire article.

Rick Stack and Chip Coffey on the Radio

Yesterday the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show played host to two terrific guests.

Chip Coffey Chip Coffey - Growing Up Psychic - Click to see more!was interviewed the first hour, talking about his new book, Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving–and How Others Like Me Can, Too. He also discussed his role hosting the Psychic Kids television show (which I think has been a groundbreaking show!) and his own experiences growing up psychic. You may also know him from his participation on the show Paranormal State.


Seth - The Nature of Personal RealityThe next three hours were devoted to Rick Stack. Many of you already know him as one of the students in the original Seth classes that Jane Roberts and Robert Butts held in their home, but he is the current publisher of many of the available Seth books, including The Early Sessions as well. (Website: Seth Center) Rick also has a terrific practical understanding of the Seth material, OBEs – he has his own book called Out of Body Adventures, and also teaches Seth classes in New York City and online.

Thanks to a generous individual, there is currently an audio version of all four segments available on YouTube right now – click here to listen!

[An interesting correlation… in the first hour, Chip described growing up having paranormal experiences in a house that was in Elmira, NY, the same town where Jane Roberts channeled the Seth Material!]

I’m glad to have been able to listen to both Chip and Rick – great program!

Bookstore About Reality Creation, Metaphysics, and Consciousness

We’d like to introduce our new online bookstore with books, ebooks, card decks, etc. that focus on reality creation, the law of attraction, consciousness, metaphysics, lucid dreaming, OBEs, and related material. We’ve included books we’ve read ourselves as well as those that have been recommended to us over the years.

Click here to check it out, and if you have a recommendation, we’d love to hear from you! Just click the About This Blog (also a tab at the top of the page) for our email address, or send us a tweet or even stop by our facebook page and post your information there. (Note: The store is run via, so please give us the Amazon link to your recommendation – thanks!)

Wiping Away What Is And Creating What I Want

I have an older car that came with a few minor issues. The first, and most annoying was that the windshield wipers wouldn’t turn off when I first got it. I was going to get this repaired but my mechanic said the relay was buried too deeply in the car so I would have to take it to a dealership. In a very short time though, the windshield wipers began to behave properly. At first I could only control them by shutting off the engine when they were at the bottom end of their swing, but amazingly over the winter they began to work normally and I almost never had problems with them.

The second minor issue started during the winter on a minus five degree morning. The car had trouble starting and the “Service Engine Soon” light came on. The car ran fine, and I had the computer code checked just to be sure. It said that a sensor was bad and the only possible negative effect would be a loss in gas mileage. I didn’t really notice any loss, but I did find the glaring orange light rather irritating as I drove to work every night.

One day while I was driving, the light just went off. I double checked the bulb, and it was fine so apparently the car didn’t have a problem with it’s sensor anymore, until this morning that is.

I was in between shifts at work this morning and drove out to get some breakfast and a soda. The windshield wiper problem had started again a couple of days ago and this morning they wouldn’t turn off at all. On top of that, as I drove, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on again. Since these were minor inconveniences, I decided it would be a good time to ignore them and form a vision of how I wanted the car to be. I particularly tuned in to the happy feelings I had when these problems originally disappeared. I’m not sure how long I held the feeling, but I did my best to let go of the annoyance as I drove back to work.

After my shift, I got back into my car and started it. The windshield wipers stayed off and the “Service Engine Soon” light remained off as well, needless to say I was overjoyed as I drove home. I’m not sure why I created the little drama in the first place, maybe I wanted to give myself a reminder on focusing my intention.

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