G&R: Drawing Metaphor for Conscious Creation

I was browsing through the Gradius & Ragon material and re-read a metaphor that I have an impulse to post here. It was a good reminder to me and maybe it’ll strike you in an interesting way as well:

“Becoming conscious simply means becoming aware of your thoughts and choosing the thoughts you will entertain. Another way to look at this is the same way you look at drawing a picture. You choose the materials you will use, the colors, different materials, the markers, pencils etc. Sometimes the drawing appears. You draw the lines and wait to see what you get. Making choices as you go. Sometimes you choose a subject first and attempt a rendering of that subject. Either way you are drawing. One is more full of surprises than the other. One is more predictable. The predictable work may seem to be more difficult to accomplish, precisely because you have preconceived ideas about the nature of its being. Ideally, you can choose the subject intuitively and then allow the drawing to emerge by following impulses which flow naturally one to the other. In this way you remove the rational mind from the process as director. It becomes the observer. It’s quite an easeful and simple process, and yet achieving it can sometimes seem difficult. It’s not the individual lines that make up the picture but the over all effect of all the lines.”

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Stargazing during Perseid Meteor Shower 2007

I actually caught a photo of a shooting star during the Perseid Meteor Shower last night! I had the loose intention of catching one, but I had no idea how I was really going to do it. Since I was just taking 30 second exposures of the general patch of sky where the meteors were showing whenever I had the impulse, it was definitely more of a magical creation than anything I did deliberately. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even see this streak when it happened – I didn’t know I’d captured it until I’d downloaded the images to my computer and started looking through them! Intention works! 🙂

To see the photos and hear more of the details, click here to read the post in my personal weblog.

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Car Dream Synchronicity Prediction Creation

I didn’t really remember most of the details of the dream I had last night, they slipped away much too quickly, but I remembered this old, old car, much like the one Monty Burns drives in the Simpsons (1920’s era) – it was owned by this old guy, and it was a tan color, very well maintained/restored. A few hours later, while stopped in traffic at a red light in town, I watched the same exact car drive through the intersection and go on its way – a tan 1920’s car – although there was a different man driving it. I’ve never seen a car like this in town before, and in general, there aren’t any of these types of classic cars regularly on the road.

The situation with the car in the dream was different than how I experienced the car in this waking reality. It’s an interesting sort of bleed-through though, with an interesting process of translation going on with each experience. Although this event didn’t have much emotional impact on me beyond a “Huh! How about that!” reaction, these types of experiences let me know that I’m paying attention, at least in some ways – a nice affirmation or encouragement. Neat!

A note: I wasn’t sure whether to call this a dream prediction, a synchronicity, or a creation, as you can tell by the title of this post. Sometimes it seems like after you’ve been working metaphysically for a while, the line between those definitions starts to get a little blurry! 🙂
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Robber Gets Group Hug Instead

I love stories like the one linked below. Is it an example of someone setting their tone and changing the outcome of an event? Of following your impulses despite a fearful situation and everything turning out correctly? A probability shift? All of the above? You decide: Robber Gets Group Hug.

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That Knowing Feeling

I’ve been using the state lottery as a sort of litmus test where when I check the numbers, I also check in with myself to see how I’m feeling, and what I’m thinking about it. (I suppose guessing cards in a deck would do the same thing, but playing the lottery is more fun, and has more interesting potential surrounding it.)

What I’ve noticed is that for a long time, many issues about power and powerlessness and money would come up whenever it came time to check the ticket, which isn’t at all surprising of course, given the choice of medium. Thoughts would float around in my head, I’d feel anxious or deliberately careless, etc. I was working on it but I hadn’t yet managed to be with the lottery (or the concept of it and what it represented) with any sense of centeredness and peace. But the twice weekly lottery gave me a good way of continuing to work on this stuff, like a mirror in which I could check my progress.

The other day, I slipped into that place of knowingness without knowing it at first! As I started to compare the numbers I knew that we hadn’t won the jackpot, but I knew two of the numbers were going to match, as well as the mega number. The physical act of discovering which numbers they were was sort of superfluous. (We won $9 – woo hoo! LOL.) Continue reading