Altered States, Probable Selves

Whitley Strieber, whom many of you know as the author of Communion and many other books, has relayed a story of some fascinating events that took place recently. As the subject line of this post indicates, it involves many altered states and perceptions, probable realities and selves, and much more. I’ve experienced some things similar to what he’s described, although not usually all in one night! Anyway, it’s a fantastic read, and I’m sure many of you will find elements of his story familiar to your own experiences. You can read the entire tale by clicking here. Enjoy!

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Dream: Story of the Red Vortex

This was a dream that I remembered when I woke up, in that way that you remember bits and pieces consciously, but then when you write it down the full story and meaning starts to unfold in the linear telling of it. Like a ball of string you unroll. So here’s the dream, which is very much a linear time-space type story it seems.

It was time out of memory or ancient times well beyond our current recorded history. Somewhere in this land there appeared a large red vortex. Apparently a being was communicating through this vortex and the people saw it as threatening. Verbal communication was difficult since there was no common language or even a common reality framework from which to draw connections. But the being communicating seemed to have red skin and horns and was yelling and gesturing through the vortex and the people feared this being and the red vortex to their bones.  Continue reading “Dream: Story of the Red Vortex”

Apparition or Astral Form

Last night, I had a fairly restless sleep. It was one of those nights where I just couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position. At one point I saw a distinct apparition forming above Kristen. It was bright green in color and the head and shoulders were distinctly visible, but the face and other details were still too vague to see. I was so surprised by the visage that I thought I said “Hello.” out loud, but Kristen only remembers some sort of grunt. As soon as I made the noise though, the apparition disappeared. The details that I could see were that it had long hair, pulled back with a hairline and forehead just like Kristen’s. So I suspect that what I saw was actually Kristen’s astral double forming.

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Car Dream Synchronicity Prediction Creation

I didn’t really remember most of the details of the dream I had last night, they slipped away much too quickly, but I remembered this old, old car, much like the one Monty Burns drives in the Simpsons (1920’s era) – it was owned by this old guy, and it was a tan color, very well maintained/restored. A few hours later, while stopped in traffic at a red light in town, I watched the same exact car drive through the intersection and go on its way – a tan 1920’s car – although there was a different man driving it. I’ve never seen a car like this in town before, and in general, there aren’t any of these types of classic cars regularly on the road.

The situation with the car in the dream was different than how I experienced the car in this waking reality. It’s an interesting sort of bleed-through though, with an interesting process of translation going on with each experience. Although this event didn’t have much emotional impact on me beyond a “Huh! How about that!” reaction, these types of experiences let me know that I’m paying attention, at least in some ways – a nice affirmation or encouragement. Neat!

A note: I wasn’t sure whether to call this a dream prediction, a synchronicity, or a creation, as you can tell by the title of this post. Sometimes it seems like after you’ve been working metaphysically for a while, the line between those definitions starts to get a little blurry! 🙂
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Recent Dreams

Recently I’ve been having a lot of dreams where I’m acting in an unconscious way in certain situations, but it seems to be situations that I’ve changed my approach to in waking life, and am no longer acting that way. Except back in the dreams. And some are scenarios that I haven’t experienced in physical reality, but I certainly wouldn’t just go along with or try to fit in with, like I have done in my dream.

I’m starting to think of these as subconscious reminders or hangers on. Like maybe there’s still a bit of energy acting according to an old vibe. And since I seem to be remembering these dreams regularly, maybe I’m telling myself to reaffirm the new path/choices while I’m awake to cement them more in place.

So while I was doing this ‘reaffirming’, I realized that they were telling me that I still had some old self-definitions in the closet that it was time to get rid of. Like when you move from a smaller home to a larger home but you’re still unconsciously assuming you have limited space – something like that. I “know” that’s not how it is anymore, but I might subconsciously still be making choices (or limiting my current choices) based on the old criteria or framework.

Dreams like this seem to be a way of helping me clean up old or sloppy thinking. And it’s kind of neat to look at the different TYPES of dreams that I have more consciously. Sort of like eavesdropping on the patterns of my own internal communications.

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