Long Out of Body Experience

Note: This account was originally published in my handwritten journal but is now being incorporated into the Conscious Creation Weblog.  Original event date was around October 24, 2004.

Layed back down to sleep after my S.O.  left for the early shift. Started to feel the vibrational state, rather subtle. Then I was out and ‘into it’ – don’t remember transitioning.

This was my longest OBE that I consciously remember yet. (At one point I remember telling someone that in the actual OBE – funny.) Everytime I found myself starting to ‘fade’ I’d look at my hands or demand “Clarity” which seemed to refocus my energy, also helped with clear seeing. The thing is, although I know it was long, and that I did a lot of things, I only remember a few parts. I could actually feel them fading as I settled back into the physical, although I grabbed onto what I could. Continue reading “Long Out of Body Experience”