Dream: Story of the Red Vortex

This was a dream that I remembered when I woke up, in that way that you remember bits and pieces consciously, but then when you write it down the full story and meaning starts to unfold in the linear telling of it. Like a ball of string you unroll. So here’s the dream, which is very much a linear time-space type story it seems.

It was time out of memory or ancient times well beyond our current recorded history. Somewhere in this land there appeared a large red vortex. Apparently a being was communicating through this vortex and the people saw it as threatening. Verbal communication was difficult since there was no common language or even a common reality framework from which to draw connections. But the being communicating seemed to have red skin and horns and was yelling and gesturing through the vortex and the people feared this being and the red vortex to their bones. 

Not knowing what else to do or how to fight a ‘vortex’, they gathered an army. Both men and women served in the army, wearing tough, but well-made leather clothes, and bearing swords and spears and maybe even kinds of projectile or ballistic weaponry too.The man in charge of the army led his troops, plus a manned horse and cart caravan of army supplies to the vortex. But everyone was fearful and despairing because they didn’t know how they were going to fight this being, whom they labeled a demon, with just people and steel. They arrived at the vortex and the being was waiting for them, and began speaking at them once again, emphatically, and with great intent.

At the same time, John and I, who were sitting off to the side, got up and started dancing. (at least, this was the perspective I had in the dream, we might not have actually BEEN these people.) It was just a joyous impulse and we were really having fun just dancing and swinging around, although we also hoped it would have an effect on the populace of snapping them out of the fear and despair. I didn’t think the people could actually see us but we hoped maybe they would at least feel the energy we were expressing. Another couple, part of the group of people, actually got up to dance as well, but they didn’t last long and got sucked back down into the despair again, giving up. It seemed that the people were too caught up in the negativity and our energy could not reach them where they were, vibrationally speaking, and except for that couple that tried to dance, none of them either made an attempt to shake it off, or knew to try it in the first place – they were drowning in the negative vibes.

Finally the army leader had to make a decision, but attacking the vortex with swords didn’t seem to do anything at all but confuse things. So he told the manned caravan to go through the vortex, ostensibly before the army itself. They were scared, and not exactly sure what the plan was, but they followed orders all the same, without question. After they were gone, the being appeared again, apparently astounded at the generous gift and the giving of our ‘innocents’ (the people as well as supplies.) He seemed to thank the leader with a bow and then the red vortex closed completely and all was done.

Everyone was stunned. The rest of the army was horrified at what the leader had done with their comrades – apparently sacrificing them to a torturous life in ‘hell’ just to close the vortex when they had all been willing to fight to the death. (The leader was horrified as well, as that wasn’t what he was expecting to happen, but in some way he decided that the devil had wanted a sacrifice or he’d attack. Still his action haunted him forever.) So the people were still despairing and laying around defeated even though the vortex had disappeared. But the never really considered an uprising against the leader, or even of taking matters into their own hands and imprisoning him, for example because of what they had done.

Some of the troops wanted to die, rather than be a ‘lucky’ survivor – John and I went around dismantling weapons, etc. where we thought they might prove an enticement to certain individuals. (They still didn’t seem to see us. We might even have been wearing white in a somewhat classical ‘angelic’ fashion, although it could have been a representation of white light or high vibe energy.)

Since they never really knew what the being wanted or was trying to communicate to them, they had to draw their own conclusions from their own beliefs and worldview. They called him a devil or demon, because of the red skin, horns, and sense of horror emminating from the vortex that washed over them and defeated their spirits.

From John’s and my perspective, we knew that this was a being from another dimension, and the horror (fear and despair) that they felt from the vortex was actually his own because his own people were starving and dying for some reason and this was the only place he’d been able to reach through the vortex. His emotional energy was quite uncontained – it expressed through the vortex and washed over and captivated all within reach, like a contagion. The people interpreted this by believing this demon had horrible powers over them and was threatening to come through the vortex if he didn’t get what he wanted, even though they didn’t know what that was. (John and I knew that he couldn’t actually come fully THROUGH the red vortex.) After the vortex closed, the people continued with the feelings of fear and despair for other reasons. They never attained the discernment to see that the energy came from the being first before they inadvertently ‘owned’ it themselves.

In the end, after the caravan went through, the creature was so stunned by their ‘generosity’ that he left, but with much awe and appreciation, although that was not perceived by the people at all. The being called them ‘innocents’ because he knew that once through the vortex they would be energetically ‘changed’ and would not be able to go back and saw them as being given up by their people, with noble, self-less intent.

After thoughts….

This whole miscommunication might have been the beginning of the belief of sacrificing people to the ‘gods’ to protect the rest of the people from their influence. And certainly might have been the beginning or continuation of beliefs in demons and devils and Satan, based solely on assumptions and appearance, and the disclarity of fear and despair and powerlessness.

What I also find interesting is the idea of people following orders mindlessly. If the caravan had refused to go through the vortex would there have been another opportunity for clearer communication, or would there have been an attempt at making war? The people were even too depressed to blame the leader afterwards, so I’m not sure if it’s a matter of hierarchy and authority or just hopelessness. Or maybe both.

Another point that stood out in the dream was the obvious power of emotional empathy. They took on the being’s horrific emotional state because they were unable to discern that it was HIS and not just something they felt in unconscious sympathetic RESPONSE to his emotions. It wasn’t their energy, but they made it their own and it defeated them. Perhaps this also speaks to the gravity or momentum that a group of people in synch with each other generate. That other couple TRIED to tune into the higher vibes, but were still too energetically connected to the emotional energy of their people to really break free.

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