Recent Dreams

Recently I’ve been having a lot of dreams where I’m acting in an unconscious way in certain situations, but it seems to be situations that I’ve changed my approach to in waking life, and am no longer acting that way. Except back in the dreams. And some are scenarios that I haven’t experienced in physical reality, but I certainly wouldn’t just go along with or try to fit in with, like I have done in my dream.

I’m starting to think of these as subconscious reminders or hangers on. Like maybe there’s still a bit of energy acting according to an old vibe. And since I seem to be remembering these dreams regularly, maybe I’m telling myself to reaffirm the new path/choices while I’m awake to cement them more in place.

So while I was doing this ‘reaffirming’, I realized that they were telling me that I still had some old self-definitions in the closet that it was time to get rid of. Like when you move from a smaller home to a larger home but you’re still unconsciously assuming you have limited space – something like that. I “know” that’s not how it is anymore, but I might subconsciously still be making choices (or limiting my current choices) based on the old criteria or framework.

Dreams like this seem to be a way of helping me clean up old or sloppy thinking. And it’s kind of neat to look at the different TYPES of dreams that I have more consciously. Sort of like eavesdropping on the patterns of my own internal communications.

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