Diverse Opinions on ‘The Secret’

I have not seen ‘The Secret’ although I’ve heard all kinds of things about it of course. Today I ran across a brief article that actually seemed to do a decent job of highlighting differing opinions about ‘The Secret’, plus all the differing perspectives someone can take about the ideas of conscious creation and the Law of Attraction overall.

There were a couple of quotes I really appreciated in the article that tried to clarify points that apparently were not well-covered in the movie. One from a therapist who said, “People start to think that they don’t have to use their free will, that they don’t have to have power anymore, that they don’t have to make choices. They don’t realize they have to do the work. And that’s the conversation I keep having to have with people.” And another from someone who created getting a loan check the next day that had been hung up in various ways, “I think where people are mistaken when they watch it is they think all they have to do is wish and it’s going to happen,” she said. “That wasn’t exactly the case. This is something I had put a lot of energy and time into. What I take from it is not that you just have to wish or hope or think something’s going to happen. … There’s a way it’s going to happen. … When you’re more positive, I think new ideas come to you and you’re able to kind of get through hurdles or over obstacles.”

I’ll reserve sharing any of my own thoughts on the movie itself until after I’ve seen it (what a GOOD idea!). But I have seen a few projects pop up on the web that seem to sponge off The Secret’s current popularity that don’t give me a good vibe (based around creating money.) At the moment, I feel that the whole thing is a mixed bag, although it’s interesting that more reality creation stuff is getting out on a mass scale though!

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