CCJ – February 2001

February 2001 Issue

Are You Thinking or Are You Being Thought? (Feb 2001) by Dr. Asoka Selvarajah
Cosmic Motion Picture Company – Rule Maker Upper, Inc. (Feb 2001) by Sharon Mendenhall
In Search of My Bliss – Part One (Feb 2001) by Dale Evans
It’s Just Business, Isn’t It? (Feb 2001) by Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit Changes Color (Feb 2001) by Jack Rabbit
Lessons From My Horse (Feb 2001) by Mia Pokorny
Lightheart (Feb 2001) by Alan Cohen
Magic & Manifestations (Feb 2001)
Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation – A Book Excerpt (Feb 2001) by Omni through John Payne
Perspectives of God: How the Universe Works – Part One (Feb 2001) by William Gunderson
The Pharaoh Chewed Juicy Fruit (Feb 2001) by Alan Cohen
You Create Your Own Reality – So Says Seth (Feb 2001) by Alexis Brooks