You Create Your Own Reality – So Says Seth by Alexis Brooks

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 2001

You Create Your Own Reality – So Says Seth
by Alexis Brooks

“If you believe firmly that your consciousness is locked up somewhere inside your skull and is powerless to escape it, if you feel that your consciousness ends at the boundary of your body, then you sell yourself short, and you will think that I am a delusion. I am no more a delusion than you are.” -From the book, Seth Speaks

Many who are familiar with the esoteric writings of Seth channeled by the late author, Jane Roberts, believe that indeed his insight gave birth to the New Age Movement.

For some, The Seth Material raises lots of questions, for others – many answers. For me, I found the latter to be true.

Although the source of the information will no doubt challenge conventional thought, one must try to get beyond the messenger and entertain the message. As Seth, himself says:

“You would be much better off in reading this book if you asked yourself who you are, rather than asked who I am, for you cannot understand what I am unless you understand the nature of personality and the characteristics of consciousness.”

Seth’s wisdom and insight is not only thought provoking, but inspires us all to be more introspective about our own individuality and our interconnectedness to the universe…the interplay of which is more constant, more dynamic and more infinite than we might have ever imagined, if at all.

His basic tenet is, “You Create Your Own Reality,” (YCYOR)…with no exceptions. At the outset this may be a hard pill to swallow, especially when one applies this philosophy to all aspects of one’ s life and looks back in retrospect on circumstances that appeared totally out of one’s control. But if the information is gently assimilated with objective thought, an open heart and an attitude free of any specific belief system (at least while reading the material) one may find an innate resonance within the books pages.

In 1963 Jane Roberts, the author who claimed to channel the “energy personality essence, no longer focused in physical matter,” began her life changing trek along with husband and artist Robert Butts after a small series of transcendental experiences which included the writing of an automatic script entitled “The Physical Universe As Idea Construction.” She said that in the midst of her usual after dinner poetry writing sessions, she felt her consciousness leave her body and her “mind was barraged by ideas that were astonishing and new to me at the time.” Rather than being overwhelmed by sheer perplexity, Roberts decided to further investigate the process of what had happened to her. Her tenacity served as the impetus for what became a journey with Seth, which spanned some 20 years until her death in 1984. The result: volumes of “Seth dictated” books including well known titles, Seth Speaks-The Eternal Validity of the Soul, The Nature of Personal Reality and The Seth Material. As well, under current development are “The Early Sessions,” a collection of the first 510 Seth sessions which are being published by New Awareness Network, Inc. Taken collectively, this material contains information so impressive that the prestigious Yale University now houses this luminous body of work in its archives.

Overall, the ideas that Seth puts forth are so provocative and potentially explosive that one might see it as threatening to our -oh so- secure conventional world-view. However, many have found his books so enlightening and to the contrary, non-threatening, for the sheer fact that none of the material is cloaked in any specific religious dogma.

Although free from any organized cloaking, Seth attempts to explain the origins of the world’s great religions by weaving meaning throughout their dictums, yet he is clear to point out that many religious interpretations are indeed distortions or shadows of their original meaning.

“There are internal realizations always present within the whole self. There is comprehension of the meaning of all existence within each personality. …This internal [realization] attempts to find a place for itself within the physical landscape, to translate itself into physical terms.”

And so, he speaks of religion within the context of history and that history represents the physical landscape.

At this point, many might be tempted to write off all of what Seth says as simply blasphemous and without warrant. But again, if one is to temporarily suspend their currently held beliefs with regard to religion, one might find that rather than disputing the validity of organized religion, Seth provides an invaluable framework for religion thereby making it far more viable and even meaningful in one’s life. He by no means strips away its value. In fact I found that after reading numerous pages on his ideas about religion that I had a new found respect for many religions, and could embrace their history and interpretations collectively. As I have maintained, regardless of the delineation, most of our world’s great religions are but interpretations of the same fundamental truth. Seth’s ideas confirmed that for me.

“Consciousness creates form. It is not the other way around.”

This is a theme he maintains throughout his books to the point where some readers may find it redundant. I found the passage to be poignant and purposeful and necessary. There is a need to reiterate this because (he) says we have seemingly forgotten this conscious creation process along the path of our evolution.

Clearly, many metaphysicians, psychologists, and even some physicists now believe that thought plays an integral part in the manifestations we experience as our physical reality. Especially in alternative medicine, many are using a thought-based approach to healing, using visualization techniques. Even orthodox medicine is finally giving some credence to the idea that a person’s physical well being may be partially dependent on the mental health of the individual. Seth not only advises us that our thoughts and beliefs play a role in our physical environment, individually and en masse, but have a consciousness of their own and are responsible for creating our physical reality. This applies not only to our health, but to every aspect of what we experience from wars to weather conditions.

There is a psychic climate, which originates within the consciousness of the masses and it is that climate which predicts the physical outcome.

Many of the anomalous phenomena which has been studied within quantum physics has clearly intimated much of the same findings as those revealed by Seth, especially with regard to the energy/matter, thought/form connection.

In fact, Seth’s dialogue is at times so scientifically oriented that the intricacy of the material would add further validity to the fact that it was not Roberts herself that was giving the information, but that of an entity outside of her own personality. Although Roberts was indeed quite intelligent, her area of expertise was self admittedly far removed from that of science in any way, shape, or form.

Regardless of where the information originated, its words are meant to help, to heal and to remember who we really are. And for that, many are eternally grateful, myself among them.

It would be difficult for me to articulate the breadth and depth of the Seth material in this one article. I will certainly plan to cover more about Seth in upcoming articles.

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Alexis Brooks is a former broadcast copywriter for major market radio. Currently, as a freelance writer she is developing works of both fiction and non-fiction, all of which carry a pervading theme of spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal concepts.

Her ongoing work with these concepts and subsequent array of divine experience lead to a poignant dream experience. The account appeared in best-selling author, Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s Dreamwork for the Soul, published in 1998 by The Berkley Publishing Group.

Additionally, Ms. Brooks was selected as a contest winner for her spiritual poem, Rebirth for Rainbow Expressions annual contest, Poetry in Motion. The poem was subsequently published in their quarterly journal.

Ms. Brooks lives with her husband Derek in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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