Magic & Manifestations – February 2001

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 2001

Magic & Manifestations

Over the years I’ve manifested both large and small occurances. I remember for what seemed like a year driving to my job and sitting in my car thinking “I hate this place” but felt chained to it due to responsibilities and lack of self esteem. One day I drove and parked, sighed and walked in the office. I was told the bosses wanted to see me, so I went to their office. They proceeded to tell me they were transferring me to another building in the same district. I kept my salary, and benefits and moved to a much better place, where I now work with wonderful people and bosses in a much less stressful and much more open enviroment. I know I manifested this but it took time to happen.

Most recently I scribed for more money at my current employment, only to learn yesterday of a better position opening up in the Spring. Suddenly without any warning someone decided to retire. I think this is a gift from the universe as well and will persue the position.

On a smaller scale just last Friday I swore to my oldest daughter that I was ready to let go of an obsession I had over a man who has told me he isn’t interested in me. I’d been clinging for months but decided I was ready and wasn’t going to talk to him anymore because it was a useless effort. I stepped off the train and looked across the street and he was there walking home from work. In over a year though we work in close proximity I’d never seen him at that time or place before. He walked two feet in front of me all the way to the park then we turned our separate ways. I think this was a message to me that he is unreachable.

Those are just a few manifestations….