CCJ – August-September 1999

August-September 1999 Issue

Begin From Where You Are (Aug-Sept 1999) by Sandi Hunter
Channeling: Doorways to Higher Truth  (Aug-Sept 1999) by John Payne
Channelings Du Jour (Aug-Sept 1999)
The Healing of the Feminine (Aug-Sept 1999) by Michele Mayama
Living on Light (Aug-Sept 1999) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Magic & Manifestations (Aug-Sept 1999)
Money is Energy is Money (Aug-Sept 1999) by Kristen Fox
Sexual Embarassment (Aug-Sept 1999) by Mui
Spiritual Exploration Through the Art of Meditating Together in Relationships (Aug-Sept 1999) by Lisa Wallach
The Power of Thought (Aug-Sept 1999) by John McNally
Reflections of Evolution (Aug-Sept 1999) by Tom Burke