Living on Light by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-Sept 1999, Issue 7

Living on Light
by ChiaraDina Cerweny

“Christoph, let me ask you – why do you think that Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of the world until now?” – “Because we accept the reality of the world we are presented with. It´s as simple as that.” – THE TRUMAN STORY

More and more people on this planet undergo the so-called “21 day process” that frees the individual from the fear that we will starve to death when not eating, and as a consequence provide possible solutions for elimination of world hunger .  Living on Light … what is it actually about?  Is “L.O.L.” far more than just the revelation that we are sustained by something more subtle than physical food components and ingredients such as lipids, minerals and trace elements? Living on light is more than “eating or not eating” – exploring the deeper metaphysical meaning behind this lifestyle choice helps us understand a global restructuring process currently manifesting itself through the individual.

“Living on light” and its deeper comprehension may be connected to the opening and clearance of the sixth chakra (seal) of  Earth and the further melting into Christ Consciousness we are experiencing during these days. “As within, so without – as above, so below” – one of the basic principles of conscious creation. When we comprehend the meaning of this phrase in it´s full cause and lasting effect, when we come to know by daily application about ONENESS and synaesthesia the internal experience of unification and atonement, we come to know the connection of all things and actually the basic requirement for true health. Our former ritual that consisted of the necessity of a subconsciously initiated process of “periodically letting external things become a part of us” in order to survive ceases to exist by itself …  We come to understand that everything we experience and perceive in each and every moment on the outside already exists within us … it´s only “out there” because it is inside us.

Living in a steady awareness of the “present” – it’s the presence itself that feeds us with its light … this is the information we are “hungry” for on our (“the”) eternal  journey for infinite self-discovery and self-transformation. We know we are sustained because our awareness chooses to identify itself with the ongoing process in order to experience a sensually-ascertainable answer.  To what? To an apparently existing internal question or conflict caused by an inner request to source. The ego (the consciousness of an individual whose foundation is still the illusion of separation) lacked the awareness and comprehension of the “bigger picture.” The story that is being told is that “the individual, the ego, has to sustain itself or it will die” – this indicates the belief in a separated, meaningless closed-off single existence.  This story basically denies that each and every thing that exists has a God-given reason just by BEING and is divinely intended and wholeheartedly welcomed just as is.

In surrendering to the role we have signed on to act out, in becoming who we really REALLY are within our hearts, we experience a wonderful contradiction by being everybody when being individual.  “The Undivided.”  We ascend to being the united “I AM” who is in each and every moment free to be who he/she chooses.  We are guided to embody, out of a broader understanding, what the situation demands without attachment or judgment to any attribute. The Mayan “In lak´ech” – “I AM another YOU.”

The third chakra, the seat of the organs that hold energy representing our mental and physical bodies is connected to digestion and relates, as many of us who work with energies know, to “power.”  By exploring the deeper meaning, function, and metaphysical connection of this solar plexus area, connecting the “need” of the ego to be in control through manipulation, more personal and global issues become transparent.  It also explains why we may still face hostile rejection and/or complete non-understanding of the concept of “Living on Light” on the “outside” despite having done far enough clearing on the inside – its the ego that believes, through conditioning, that it is threatened and then fights for its survival.  In other words, the system of this planet still needs to establish a unified grid or field of consciousness – individuals wouldn´t be able to ground certain light packages without attaining damage to the bodily system.  This is a kind of self-protection of the physical body consciousness until frequencies match NATURALLY.

In understanding this process, tolerance, compassion, and patience are qualities we will be able to live effortlessly. Carlos Castaneda and José Argüelles  say that an individual´s solar plexus is connected  through so-called light fibres to the core of the universe, the “Hunab Ku.”  So, in fact, each and every one of us possesses an ethereal “walkie talkie” that’s directly connected to the source.

Those of us who have been on long fasts or already have established a clear, stable connection to source know about the existence of clear communication and exchange from their own experience. The ancient Mayas called this energetical line for “phoning home” Kuxan Suum – literally “the road to the sky leading to the umbilical cord of the universe.”  We might think of it as the strings that coordinate and direct from the highest level of love and intelligence each and every movement and ongoing happening on this planet in perfect harmony.  As a supreme existence that sends out information, light packages of certain frequencies, to special planets for manifestation (hence grounding), kind of feeding a system and its components.

The stage is set, all actors are present… here comes the script based on love!! We, players in a galactically-amplified field, whose principle character is Earth herself, are provided in each and every moment with all the information (light/energy) we need for harmonious synchronization. Information is energy structured according to the receiver for which it is intended. “Kuxan Suum” can be understood as a resonant pathway, a series of vibratory or resonant lenses. On one end is the center of the galaxy, the cosmic radio station “Hunab Ku” – the galactic core. On the other end is the lens of the individual human being.

As a cosmic resonator the individual human contains three lenses. One responds to the reptilian brain or autonomic system; the second corresponds to the mammalian brain, or neo-cortex; and the third corresponds to the higher mind, connecting the individual to the larger planet body. It is that lens that actually extends from the solar plexus. Through aligning these three lenses, a fourth lens comes into focus corresponding to the solar mind, the consciousness of the sun and the solar system. A fifth lens is provided by the sun itself . Finally, there are two more lenses intermediating between the sun and the galactic core. Depending on which of these eight lenses is brought into focus, different levels or stages of being and knowledge may be emphasized.

This process of galactic focusing and transmission of information is virtually instantaneous and could be called the “principle of harmonic resonance.” We literally “feel” our truth. If we act according to our own individual galactic guidance coming from the central sun, no more manipulation of mind or emotion by “outside forces” is possible. We simply know and fulfill our purpose graciously and effortlessly. Self-empowerment shakes hand with responsibility for Self!

A civilization based on the principle of harmonic resonance is obviously different in nature and purpose than a civilization such as our present, which is  still based on the acquisition of material goods and the defense of territory,  outcomes of the illusions of separation and the ego-mind. For who needs to “gather” and store compulsively when in fact we are “owning all” by being all? With the established connection to All That Is we are simply provided with literally wonderful services of automatic attraction of all that we need to perform our journey impeccably and joyously.  Building a civilization on the foundation of harmonic resonance is establishing a civilization that is, simply-stated, galactically “in-formed.”  That is, by the principle of harmonic resonance, we create a two-way information wave that ripples to and from the individual being to the collective or planetary mind and from the planetary mind through the sun to the galactic core.

Those of you who have studied acupuncture or acupressure and are familiar with meridians (the body’s energy lines that feed our organs, subtle bodies and muscles)  know that the meridian of the circulation/sex is directly linked to the DNA and nutrition. DNA, the genetic code, the code of life, possesses a wave character infrastructure that naturally responds to and resonates with certain frequencies of light and sound. This is principle of radiogenesis – “radio” referring to the information-bearing capacity of light and all spectral radiant energy; “genesis” referring to the capacity of light to transform itself into the palpably plasmic and mobile phenomenon called life. Hence DNA may be perceived as a bridge from one domain of light or radiant energy to another, a link between two different realms.

Since our “double helix genetic code” is (by galactic and solar influence) changing we will regain our original 12 DNA strands.  As a consequence we are about to get to know our multidimensional self, who we will fuse in our physical body. On a larger scale, it means that Earth itself “remembers” again her function as a multidimensional gateway. The “mystic condition” is the self-sustaining capacity of DNA to directly utilize light which means that the psychic resonance between an organism and radiant energy is direct and provides both primary nurturance and primary reality.

So “Bye Bye” to illusions or mind control –  adopted belief systems that are not fully our own. Continuing to feed the idea that being dependent on the intake of physical food for survival may be linked to still having surrendered to a horizontal, more ego-based information system.  This kind of system, besides not being really open for something new, hence recycling the past over and over again (“history repeats itself”) might as well go hand in hand with power struggles between individuals around authority issues.

Breaking artificial dependency loops that are based on the confusion of the desired internal experience with a certain specific outer form – a kind of restriction of and to the divine –  demands willpower, clarity and inner strength. The immersion of an individual in a dependency loop defines neurotic, addictive behavior; the immersion of a collective organism in such loops defines paradigm paralysis. Though the present, scientifically materialistic power-holders believe the world is the way it is because they have made it so, in actuality they are playing out roles specified by the harmonic wave phase of which the present era is a function. “Living on Light” and allowing sustenance from the highest source not only provides perfect equality as well as independence in relationship by assuring mature human behavior but also impeccable balance. Being home, in our center, we have outgrown imbalance.

Another wonderful training area of L.O.L. is the weight stabilization/programming.  In asking about the illusion behind the belief system of losing weight when not eating, I came to know that it is, beyond the fact of mind mastery, linked to comparison. Comparison with Self “in time,” which as a consequence means leaving the eternal, only existing NOW moment for going “back” or “further” in time to compare (hence spread the focus). I personally think that staying in the moment and letting go of “how I have been” – “will be” is a wonderful affirmation reinforcement of the “I AM” presence as well as “I AM embodying my perfect weight.” Using this NOW technique is also a good help for never growing hungry again (because I cease to think that I haven´t eaten now for fill-in-the-blank hours or days), and also in ending “aging.” It´s like standing right in the middle of a reflecting sphere, so looking back will give me only a reflection of what I AM now, the same as looking forward will only mirror my present condition. It´s the same with past and future “incarnations” – it´s all a hologram. Actually, it is about ceasing to give power to anything but the only thing that truly DOES exist – this very NOW moment. Ending the confusion of  cause and effect. Reality being a hologram, NOW is what spreads out to create in all times and dimension. The “End of Time”, as forecasted by the Maya´s for 2012.

So basically, Living on Light is enlightenment, defined as “the certain knowledge of the absolute truth,” for what is the absolute truth but that the thinker is creative with his/her thoughts?

(c)1999, ChiaraDina Cerweny, as well as “cosmic play” illustration.   Published in the August-September 1999 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.

ChiaraDina Cerweny, born in 1973, has been interested in metaphysics since being eleven years old when her grandfather suddenly died. After graduation she began to study several systems of kinesiology. A Reiki master, she is also educated in the works of Mantak Chia and practices Feng Shui. In Spring 1997 her inner ONE told her about the possibility to live on light and in April 1998 she successfully completed the 21 day process. As a light -worker, her main emphasis is on ONENESS and COMPLETION of the here and now. Besides holding workshops, she writes articles about Physical Immortality and Pranic Nourishment for online magazines, works as a webdesigner and artist and studies creative body expression.