Magic & Manifestations – August-September 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-Sept 1999, Issue 7

Magic & Manifestations

The Eyes Have It!

Many years ago, about 22 maybe, I developed a problem with my eyes.  I first noticed a dark spot on my focul point of one of my eyes that quickly changed to double vision.  When I would drive down the road I would see the regular line in the middle of the road and also one that would curve up into the air.  Most disconcerting.  I eventually ended up at a clinic that ran tests and told me I was going blind in that eye and had a 50% chance of it happening in the other eye.  There were pictures they took of my retina that showed the bulge causing the trouble.  They did give me some steroids for a while, but it didn’t help.  I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I bought a tape recorder and a continuous loop tape and recorded in my own voice affirmations that every day my eyesight was improving.  I would play this every night while I was sleeping in a low volume.  Believe it or not it worked!  When I went back to the clinic in six weeks time everything had cleared up.  They took pictures again and the bulge was gone.

The doctor didn’t understand as they had never had this happen before. I explained to the doctor (he was East Indian and I thought maybe he would have a feel for this sort of thing) what I had done.  His comment was “Whatever worked, worked” or something like that.)

Anyway, my eyesight is still fine and have only had to have my lens prescription changed once in all these years. My thoughts on this today are that I changed my subconscious mind which is where I believe reality comes from.  My subconscious was most vulnerable to these changes when I had slowed down my brain waves out of beta and was entering into alpha, theta, delta, whatever.  Some might call this a form of self-hypnosis, that changed my thought processes.  All I know is that it worked and I would do it again if I was faced with a devastating condition.

-Becky Marks

The Shopping Channel

Just a few days ago I was on the phone to (blush blush) the shopping channel, trying to straighten out my account. It was in such a SNAFU. I talked to a customer representative for at least a half hour. Things went from bad to worse. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a guy who helped me figure a few more things out, but then said he couldn’t do anything about it…turns out it wasn’t a supervisor at all, and wasn’t even in customer service. Now I had to go back on hold for the LOOOOONG wait to speak to another customer service rep…and begin again at zero.

I was steaming. Smoke coming out of my ears. Ready to tell somebody off.

While I sat there waiting, I thought…okay…suppose I *ABE* this… So I set my tone, best I could in such a snit. Got the feeling of it all being handled. Started to say “Thank you for getting all this resolved so easily.” But I had too much steam going in the other direction. So I started SHOUTING it, in all kinds of funny voices. “THANK YOU FOR GETTING ALL THIS RESOLVED SO EASILY!!!!”

Finally a voice came on the line. All this shouting had made me rather aggressively friendly. “HI! I HAVE A SMALL PROBLEM THAT I KNOW WE ARE GOING TO GET STRAIGHTENED OUT RIGHT AWAY!!!! But I do need to talk to a supervisor, since it’s quite complicated.”

“Of course you can talk to a supervisor, but can you tell me your account number first?”

I gave the account number.

“Oh…I see that so and so and so so…and we owe you a refund check of so and so.  I can get that right out in the mail to you.”

UHHHH!!!!!!! You understand I had been on the phone about an hour with two people who couldn’t figure any of it out, and this woman had just figured it out, given me a run down, and come up with the proper action, in minutes? No…in a minute.

“Am I understanding me right…you are going to send me a refund check for so and so?”

“Yes…and did you still need to talk to a supervisor?”

“NO…and what is your name?”


“Jean, you are SO smart. Thank you, Jean, for getting all this resolved so easily”.

– Vilik Rapheles – [email protected]

Magic Garden

My backyard has been a mound of weeds for three years now and I sat and dreamed for a couple years about how I would like to redo the area.  I wanted it fenced in with lattice so
I could still see the horses outside but the goat couldn’t eat my plants, a deck, raised planter beds, a rock garden, maybe a pond with a waterfall…. But it all just lived in the dream realm because I never had an extra thousand for materials and all the time to do this project.   A couple months ago my boss (who owns the land) was planning on doing more landscaping at the place, they were going to put a lawn in my yard.  I told her that I had my yard all planned out.  That day, I drew up plans of just what I wanted and showed them to her.  She liked my ideas and within three days, our awesome landscapers had the gorgeous lattice fencing in, three raised planters, and a deck (all in redwood) installed.  All at no cost or labor for me!!!  I’m still dreaming about the rock garden and pond…I may just do these steps myself.  I’m also going to take a furniture building class and build a glider bench to sit on.  I’ve found that the more work I do on the land, the more it feels like part of me.  It was incredible though just sitting on the deck when it was first built.  The whole thing just feels like part of me.  And so it is.
-Stormy May

The Black Dog Cometh

My partner John and I had been talking for a while about getting a friend for our dog Merlin.  We had visited an animal rescue facility in our area about a year ago, and although the dogs were wonderful, none was quite what we were looking for.  So we left our names and number with them.  In that time we really refined what we wanted – a mature dog, a few years old, female, spayed, with the friendly temperment of a Labrador Retriever, who got along well with Merlin.  About a year later, the animal rescue facility called and gave us the number of a family who was moving and had to give up their dog.  A 3 year-old, spayed female black lab named Pepper.  She came home with us that day and its like she was MADE to be with us – our little family feels complete now!
– Kristen Fox and John McNally