Consciously Creating – Channeled from Omni by John Payne

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-Sept 1999, Issue 7

Consciously Creating
Channeled from Omni
by John Payne

You create your own reality. Yes, all of it. There is not one event, person, or object in your life that was not attracted to you through your thoughts and emotions, irrespective of whether or not those creative thoughts were conscious. All thoughts are creative, even the negative ones. The Universe serves you perfectly by bringing to you exactly that for which you have asked through your thoughts.

When discussing love and abundance, we repeated to you many times that which you focus on grows, and we will repeat it again here. That which you focus your attention on grows. You have several thousand thoughts per day. You may not be conscious of all of them, but they are creative none the less. Many of your thoughts are habitual. You don’t give particular thoughts much attention, you simply think them as a matter of habit. Language is an expression of thought, and certain ways of expressing things carries thoughts, beliefs and ideas with them. For example, when some of you buy a new item of clothing, a car or a home, you concentrate on the cost of the item, instead of the pleasure it will given you. Some of you may even say that the purchase set you back a certain amount of money. In doing this, you are sending the thought out into the Universe that purchases mean setbacks, or that the things you really want are expensive, which in turn means that they are normally beyond your reach, needing extra time, effort and energy to bring them into your life.

In consciously creating what you want, you will need to become more aware of your thoughts, become conscious of them. That can be as simple as observing what it is that you think regarding certain areas of your life. By observing your thoughts regarding certain activities or areas of your life, you can begin to bring into your consciousness your deeper beliefs, and habitual thought patterns. You can start doing this by choosing an area that doesn’t seem to be working for you, and observing your every thought on the subject. As an exercise, take a piece of paper and write at the top of it: I believe that …….. is, and then write whatever comes up. You can fill in the space with love, sex, money, health, relationships, I, life, God, etc, etc. Once you have written a sentence or two, repeating each time, I believe that ‘love’ is, just let go of trying to find the thoughts, but simply allow your pen to flow. You will soon have a page, or even pages, full of beliefs. Some may be a complete surprise to you, or even shocking. After you have written your list, go through each belief and ask yourself these questions a)is this belief serving my highest good, does it make my life more joyful and more exciting b) do I want to have this belief and thirdly c) Where did this belief come from. Once you have completed this part of the exercise, take another piece of paper and write out all the beliefs that you want to have. Write out, I believe that (love, money, sex, relationships etc) is (good, plentiful, sacred, joyous etc). The third stage of the exercise is to write down all those beliefs that do not serve you, and those that you have taken on from others. Write down ´I dissolve the belief that (love, sex, money, relationships etc) is (scarce, evil, shameful, disappointing etc). Take this paper, and burn it in a safe place. If you are not comfortable with burning the paper, you can shred the paper into tiny little pieces and place it outside of your home, removing them from your reality.

By doing this simple but powerful exercise you will be well on your way to understanding the power of your thoughts, and how they have formed your life. Some of you have assumed that by creating your reality in a way that is not pleasing to you, you must be victim to subconscious thoughts over which you have no control. There are no thoughts which are subconscious. Let me repeat that, there are no thoughts that are sub-subconscious. Even if you can´t define the belief, there will be a feeling, and the feelings are always present, even if the thoughts appear to be sub-conscious. By doing this simple exercise, and through observing your thoughts as you go through the day, you can bring all that which you have determined to be subconscious into your consciousness.

Your Feelings are Your Friends

Let your feelings guide you, for they are your friends. If you feel any negative emotion about any subject whatsoever, that is an indication that you have a negative belief about it somewhere. Through listening to your feelings, you can bring into consciousness all your beliefs about everything. Feelings and your intuition are your built in guidance system. Feelings are the impulses that your soul gives you that say to go in one direction or another. Your soul always wants you to go into the direction of greater joy, that is its desire for you. There are only two true emotions that you can experience and feel, and these emotions are love and fear. All the other emotions that you experience, or have identified as emotions, are satellite emotions that stem from either love or from fear. Love is expansive, it encourages you to be all that you can be, it empowers you, and it removes limitation. Love is not jealous, angry, or afraid, it does not question, but it is accepting. Fear, on the other hand, is limiting. It drains you of life force energy, of your vitality. Fear likes the word no and fear likes to keep you where you are, it is limited, blinded and short sighted, fear is death itself.

The physical unit that is your body, responds to the energy that love and fear bring with them. The emotions of love and fear have a direct influence on your muscular system and also upon your breathing. If you have a thought or belief of which you are unsure if it is serving you, hold it in your consciousness for a few seconds, and simply notice what happens to your body. Do you tense up, or do you feel expanded and more aware? What happens to your breathing? Do you breath in a deep and relaxed fashion, or are your breaths short and a little hurried. These are simple exercises in bringing into consciousness those ideas and beliefs that are serving your growth,and those you would do better to dissolve and release.

Your society has told you that feelings are not to be trusted and that it is the mind that is to be revered, trusted and followed. The intellectual mind is a great tool. It has the capacity to focus thoughts and define them in ways that are easily communicated. Emotions on the other hand, are seen to be unreliable, or even as the cause of instability. However, the strong negative emotions that are attributed to instability, are the result of wrong thinking, of thoughts and beliefs that do not support who you are. For example, strong feelings of jealousy are fear-based emotions that are caused by the belief that you cannot have or create what another person may have, or the belief that another person’s success will mean your demise. Strong emotions are always the result of limiting thought.

When you combine the focus of your intellectual mind with the impulses that are given you by your feelings, you cannot help but expand who you are. Feelings are the directions your soul is trying to give you to follow a certain direction, and you can use your intellectual mind as a tool to focus your thought on your goal. If all your focussed thoughts followed your inner feelings which tell you the direction you should be going in, your lives would be abundant and joyful beyond all imagining.

Using Desire

It is not sufficient to just simply think about having something that you want to bring into your life, you will need to have a strong desire for it. Desire is feeling. Having decided that your feelings are not trustworthy, many of you either let your intellectual mind decide what it is that you need, or you change your mind about what you want halfway through the process. Neither approach is going to bring about the changes you seek in your life very rapidly.

If you find yourself changing your mind often about what it is that you are wanting, then this is an indication that you are not truly listening to your feelings. It is not to say that what you want should not change, because all your goals and desires will change and evolve, as you learn and grow. The path of growth is the path of re-creating the self, and the way in which you wish to create yourself now may be quite different to the way in which you will want to create yourself in five or ten years time. If you have found yourself flipping from one wish to another, changing your mind often about what it is that you want to create in life, the time has come for you to explore some of your deeper ideas and beliefs about creating what you want.

Many of you do not allow yourselves to even start creating the dreams that your feelings are giving you, because you do not believe in your ability to make them come true. You cast off many a good idea as wishful thinking, pie in the sky, or as things that only the fortunate few can have and create. The fact of the matter is, wishful thinking is the thinking of your Soul, and your imagination is the tool you have been given to create wishful thinking with. It is your wishful thinking that comes from the real you, it is the way in which your Soul leads you to the greater you. Your wishful thinking is the greater vision that your Soul is holding for you, and it is through following your dreams, and believing in them, that you will be led to fulfill your life´s purpose and your life´s work. You are on the planet to create. There is no other greater reason for you to be here. There are other things to learn on the way, such as the lesson of love, but in the end you are here to create, and creating with love is what you came to do. There is nothing more to life than that. That is the purpose of life, there is no hidden secret, no profound truth that will take you many lifetimes to unravel, no sacred secret that is only imparted to a few initiates, that is the truth and purpose of all life, to create itself and it´s experience, and that is the nature of God. If the purpose of life is to create, then it is your greater purpose to create that which you desire to create. There is nothing more to life than that, there is nothing more to your life than that.

Some of you even fear creating that which you desire because you are afraid that once you reach that point you will have reached the end of meaning, and there will be nothing more for you to do, no purpose, no fulfillment in life. So you keep yourself in a position of struggle, because you are afraid of the nothingness. You are afraid that when you get to the promised land that, God will not be there, and that only you will be there. Well, that is another high truth, for you will be in the promised land, because you are God!

Growth does not stop. God is growing, and she is expanding as you expand. God experiences himself through you. Therefore, when you get to where wish to be, the growth and expansion that has brought you to that place of fulfillment will give you the tools with which to go on, even further. Do you imagine that the enlightened ones, the Masters, Great Ones and Angelic hosts are sitting around twiddling their thumbs in enlightened bliss. No, not at all. There is always more creating to do, more ways to experience self.

For you to successfully create the things you want in your life, you have to desire them. Desiring them is not the same a needing them. Need is based on the feeling of lack, and when you concentrate on lack, you become repellant to the very thing you are seeking. There is a world of difference between needing a relationship because your life feels empty, and desiring a relationship because you wish to share who you are with another person. Needing a relationship will either repel any possible future relationship, or it will bring a relationship into your life that will emphasize your original need. Again, whatever you focus on will expand and grow.

Some of you might be fairly convinced that you are already focused on what you want. However,when asked, many people find it easier to say what it is that they do not want, or what they want from other people. Remember, you are the source of everything you need, so needing things from others, or requiring conditions to be a certain way before you can create what you want, will leave you feeling dissatisfied.

When you actively begin to think about making changes in your life, don’t start thinking about all the things that you want to get rid of or how you want other people to change. Many of you think in terms of wanting your boss or partner to change their behavior, not wanting to have difficulty paying bills, not wanting to work hard and struggle to pay your rent of mortgage. The Law of Attraction will bring to you what you concentrate on, so if you concentrate on what you don’t want, you will get more of the same, the Universe cannot operate in any other way, it is perfect and simple in its perfection.

The most powerful way to start changing your life is through re-framing everything into the positive. Stating that you want to work for someone who is positive and supportive, for a company that honors and values your new skills, that you want to pay your bills with ease and comfort each month. By using positive intent to state accurately what you want, you will change your energy and attitude thereby making you more open to identify opportunity and allow the Universe to give you things more rapidly. Additionally, through re- framing into the positive, you will begin to experience a sense of gratitude for the things that you already have. This sense of gratitude will enable you see that your life already has many positive aspects in it and that in its current form, it has provided you with many opportunities to learn valuable lessons. When you are able to ask the Universe for changes in your life with a sense of gratitude for the things you already have, your heart will be open to allow miracles to happen. Doors will open for you, and you will be running with the flow of the Universe, instead of trying to swim upstream. This will require trust on your part, but if your life has not been working for you, trusting in your belief in something better will serve you well.

John Payne is an English born trance Channeler living in The Netherlands. Together with his guide Omni he offers workshops in Awakening Your Light Body (as developed by Duane Packer & DaBen), Channeling and other topics. In the Netherlands he teaches at De Lotushoeve, a school recognized for Emotional Bodywork and Tantra. John is also very active in Germany and does some work in the U.S. Visit more of John Payne’s work on Spiritweb at