Reflections of Evolution by Tom Burke

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-Sept 1999, Issue 7

Reflections of Evolution
by Tom Burke

Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of understanding that we create our respective realities is utilizing the clear reflection of ourselves that looking outward provides. Human cultures throughout history have used this reflection for divination. Astrology is studying the reflection of our sky creations; palmestry, a reflection our bodies give us. The full potential of this tool however is the realization that EVERY part of our realities is a reflection of us, from the global economy to the grain of wood in the kitchen table. In this article, I am focusing on the reflection that science provides us as to what is possible in this, our creation.

Everywhere people are expanding their ideas of what is possible. The concept of YCYOR (You Create Your Own Reality) is poking its head up in everything from movies to investment seminars. Psychics are being seen as more than just good guessers, even participating in studies at major universities. There is a shift in consciousness taking place as more and more people open themselves to different possibilities. How much of a shift you ask? Well, let’s look into the mirror of science.

Science is a perfect reflection of what we believe is possible in Physical Reality. It is what science was designed for, to document the possibilities of this reality. Scientific method is a perfect tool for filtering what people believe from what they think they believe. Do you believe in gravity? Look at science, did you create a science that says gravity exists? If so, you do believe in gravity. What about other planets that can support human life? You might be surprised at what you find if you look into it. The possibility is less and less remote with every passing day.

The shift in consciousness is being reflected perfectly in the sciences. As people open to more possibility, science says more is possible. Warp drives and teleportation are no longer for science fiction. Almost every week I read of a new breakthrough. Quantum entanglement has been demonstrated in laboratory tests. It provides a nice workaround to the uncertaintly principle, allowing teleportation without violating any natural “laws.” What about living forever? Some skin cells are doing it in a pitri dish with only a minor genetic modification.

These are not minor steps. We are talking potentially of immortality, teleportation, free energy, and instant limitless communication. I would say this is a big shift we are looking at. While all of the developments mentioned in this article merely demonstrate a first step,  the important thing is that physical reality is reflecting these things as possible.

It is interesting to note that, as I said, most of these new ideas are in their beginning stages. If you go out and research it you’ll find people saying teleportation is okay for photons but not for people. Cold fusion works but not enough to really make a difference. A warp drive is possible but we can’t build it. This is amazingly similar to the first experiments with Conscious Creation. Parking spaces wherever you want them, but that million dollars is taking its time getting there. This is a period where you get to look around and see where you are going.

Nearly all of the “modern age conveniences” we use are impossible… Or at least they were. I know everyone has heard the argument of the airplane: “Even airplanes were thought impossible and now…” But what about computers? Transistors made them possible but before that a computer that could display graphics was laughable. If you want to go way back, the taming of fire was unthinkable. It was a horrible destructive force – who could ever control it? It makes it easier to move forward at first if limits are set. They are almost minor goals, like a marathon runner focusing on reaching the next turn in the road. The trick is to remember that when someone says that something is impossible, they just mean it is the next goal to surpass.

If you want to see more of what science is reflecting back at you all you have to do is look. Every area of science is reflecting this expansion of possibility. I have included a few good links here but they are only starting points:

Information from NASA on advanced propulsion systems
An explaination of quantum teleportation from researchers at IBM, and another from Scientific American.
Is Cold Fusion Real? An article from Wired magazine

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