Remote View Daily Website

Yesterday John told me about a website a friend of his had linked to online, called Remote View Daily.

If you sign up (free) you can participate in daily remote viewing experiments where they randomly choose an image, you enter five keywords, and then they ‘grade’ you on your results the next day. Both John and I signed up yesterday and entered our five keywords – we compared them later and they had vague concepts in common, but not much – LOL! Today we’ll get to see the actual image and compare our results.

This seems like a great way of getting practicing tuning in, especially since you can do it on your own time, and not have to enlist another person to choose objects or images for you to view. Stop by and try it yourself: Remote View Daily.

Interpreting Dream Figures

I’ve written about my personal dream symbology before in this post, about death and different kinds of crosses that have appeared in dreams depending on the kind of symbolic information being relayed. Now I’ve had a realization about the figures that have reappeared in many of my dreams and how I have most likely been misinterpreting who they are, and perhaps missing a larger point at the same time.

When I’m writing down my remembered dreams in the morning, I often find myself automatically applying a layer of interpretation that may be obscuring meaning rather than illuminating it. It’s the layer of my physical reality focus (rational mind, left brain, ego, whatever you want to call it) – whatever details from my ‘waking’ life that apply, as closely as possible, to the dream symbols.  Until recently, I wasn’t aware to the extent that I was actually doing this. It was more of an automatic function, choosing an interpretation with a ‘known’ label, whether or not it was truly accurate.

This tendency to apply my physically-focused rational mind to dream symbols seems especially obvious with the people that appear in my dreams repeatedly. For instance, if I remember a female with dark hair in my dreams, which I often do, my rational mind immediately assumes that it was one friend or another that seemed to fit the description, so I’d just write down the name instead of the description. And since I know many females with dark hair, I’ve found that I switch between them depending on what seemed to be more likely, all subconsciously.  Most of the time I haven’t been able to ascertain WHY this specific person might have been in my dream, and so end up dismissing it and moving on. But if I step back from the name or specific ‘rational mind’ interpretation of the raw data, and just write down the raw data itself, a female with dark hair, then I can start to see a larger overall pattern emerging. Not that dreams can’t involve people I know in physical reality of course, but I’m suspicious that they haven’t been appearing as often as I thought they were.

These dream figures are often in a supporting role, just ‘hanging around’ with me while I go through my dream and do what I do.  I’m often not interacting with them directly, except to know that they are ‘friends’, which also may be why I try to assign the identity of friends I know in waking life. Often they are just a step behind me to either side, so I don’t see them directly but more peripherally, but I know they are there and that I’m not alone in the current dream. Sometimes they even speak briefly to each other.  As far as I can remember, they have always been cheerful, and sometimes quite amused at what I’m doing.

Why has this realization suddenly dawned on me? It was a more recent, but still frequent appearance of a ‘friend’ in my dreams who did NOT fit the description of anyone I knew in waking life. And it was a slow realization; it’s amazing how clueless I have been when you consider in how MANY dreams this figure has made an appearance over the years!  A recent dream seemed to put a fine point on things when this dream figure walked up to me, smiling broadly, and looked right at me – so much presence and attention in the dream that I woke up. That’s when all of this started to come together.

For this friend, or guide, I’ve asked for a name, and received one in my head that seemed to be exactly right. And I know a lot of possibilities are currently opening up with this relationship, so the potential is rather exciting!

Maybe sharing my personal light bulb moment will help others take a fresh look at their own dreams.  The information or communication is already there – we just have to look at it the right way!

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Matrix Code in Runes

I’m a fan of the ideas in the movie, The Matrix, as many of you probably are. I’ve had an idea for a fun design in my head for a while now and I finally got to creating it! It’s the green matrix code, but done in ancient Norse runes (like they’ve used in the Lord of the Rings movies too)! Here’s the design with details highlighted so you can see what it looks like:

I’ve added the design to t-shirts and things too, although it’s hard to see the details on these tiny images, but you get the idea – click on any image to browse all of the available stuff:

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Wiping Away What Is And Creating What I Want

I have an older car that came with a few minor issues. The first, and most annoying was that the windshield wipers wouldn’t turn off when I first got it. I was going to get this repaired but my mechanic said the relay was buried too deeply in the car so I would have to take it to a dealership. In a very short time though, the windshield wipers began to behave properly. At first I could only control them by shutting off the engine when they were at the bottom end of their swing, but amazingly over the winter they began to work normally and I almost never had problems with them.

The second minor issue started during the winter on a minus five degree morning. The car had trouble starting and the “Service Engine Soon” light came on. The car ran fine, and I had the computer code checked just to be sure. It said that a sensor was bad and the only possible negative effect would be a loss in gas mileage. I didn’t really notice any loss, but I did find the glaring orange light rather irritating as I drove to work every night.

One day while I was driving, the light just went off. I double checked the bulb, and it was fine so apparently the car didn’t have a problem with it’s sensor anymore, until this morning that is.

I was in between shifts at work this morning and drove out to get some breakfast and a soda. The windshield wiper problem had started again a couple of days ago and this morning they wouldn’t turn off at all. On top of that, as I drove, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on again. Since these were minor inconveniences, I decided it would be a good time to ignore them and form a vision of how I wanted the car to be. I particularly tuned in to the happy feelings I had when these problems originally disappeared. I’m not sure how long I held the feeling, but I did my best to let go of the annoyance as I drove back to work.

After my shift, I got back into my car and started it. The windshield wipers stayed off and the “Service Engine Soon” light remained off as well, needless to say I was overjoyed as I drove home. I’m not sure why I created the little drama in the first place, maybe I wanted to give myself a reminder on focusing my intention.

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Impossible is Nothing

An old nearby plaza has an abandoned, or perhaps long-retired, trophy shop. Inside, through the dirty front windows, you can see a few small dusty trophies in the window case and the usual scraps, dust and trash on the floor. But the most interesting feature is on the front door:

I suppose you can either look on it as simply ironic, considering that the store is closed, and by all accounts has been for a while. Or, my preference, is that you can find inspiration in the least likely looking places! 🙂

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