Altered States, Probable Selves

Whitley Strieber, whom many of you know as the author of Communion and many other books, has relayed a story of some fascinating events that took place recently. As the subject line of this post indicates, it involves many altered states and perceptions, probable realities and selves, and much more. I’ve experienced some things similar to what he’s described, although not usually all in one night! Anyway, it’s a fantastic read, and I’m sure many of you will find elements of his story familiar to your own experiences. You can read the entire tale by clicking here. Enjoy!

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G&R: Drawing Metaphor for Conscious Creation

I was browsing through the Gradius & Ragon material and re-read a metaphor that I have an impulse to post here. It was a good reminder to me and maybe it’ll strike you in an interesting way as well:

“Becoming conscious simply means becoming aware of your thoughts and choosing the thoughts you will entertain. Another way to look at this is the same way you look at drawing a picture. You choose the materials you will use, the colors, different materials, the markers, pencils etc. Sometimes the drawing appears. You draw the lines and wait to see what you get. Making choices as you go. Sometimes you choose a subject first and attempt a rendering of that subject. Either way you are drawing. One is more full of surprises than the other. One is more predictable. The predictable work may seem to be more difficult to accomplish, precisely because you have preconceived ideas about the nature of its being. Ideally, you can choose the subject intuitively and then allow the drawing to emerge by following impulses which flow naturally one to the other. In this way you remove the rational mind from the process as director. It becomes the observer. It’s quite an easeful and simple process, and yet achieving it can sometimes seem difficult. It’s not the individual lines that make up the picture but the over all effect of all the lines.”

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Article About Telekinesis

Just wanted to share a short, casual article on telekinesis – it quickly goes beyond the initial, naysaying that tends to stall further discussion and instead goes on to examine possible explanations for how it actually works, which is nice for a change! Click here to read the article.

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Dream: Story of the Red Vortex

This was a dream that I remembered when I woke up, in that way that you remember bits and pieces consciously, but then when you write it down the full story and meaning starts to unfold in the linear telling of it. Like a ball of string you unroll. So here’s the dream, which is very much a linear time-space type story it seems.

It was time out of memory or ancient times well beyond our current recorded history. Somewhere in this land there appeared a large red vortex. Apparently a being was communicating through this vortex and the people saw it as threatening. Verbal communication was difficult since there was no common language or even a common reality framework from which to draw connections. But the being communicating seemed to have red skin and horns and was yelling and gesturing through the vortex and the people feared this being and the red vortex to their bones.  Continue reading