Playing with Remote View Daily

For the last few months I’ve been visiting the site Every day you have a chance to tune in psychically and guess what sort of image they’ll put up, at 2pm Eastern time they’ll post the results.

You get to enter five keywords for each image. Scores are ranked as “No Match,”  “Close,” “Bullseye,” and “Magic” so far out of 50 attempts, I’ve had 15 Closes and 2 Bullseyes according to their ratings. In some of those cases though, they were too generous. For example in one attempt I saw a Native American woman wearing a white blouse. The actual picture was of the White House, because I chose the word “white” as a keyword, I earned a Close.  There are three of these that I discount for not even being in the ballpark.

There have also been a few that I felt were close but got no recognition for. In one vision, I saw a topiary cat. The actual image was a walrus with whiskers which to me sort of resembled what I had seen in my mind. It was certainly closer than the woman in white compared to the White House that I got credit for LOL! In five cases, I had the image right, but the day wrong. For example I saw playing cards one day, but the image of the 4 of spades actually came up two days later.

There are times when I have a “no match” but I’ll recognize the image I saw somewhere else, often on television. One day  I envisioned a woman walking under a large archway. Later that day Kristen suggested we watch the movie Stardust. When that scene came up I recognized it immediately and knew I wouldn’t have a hit on the website.

Sometimes I don’t get a specific image, but just a vague one. For example there was one day I saw something round which I thought was fruit and the color green. The image turned out to be a ladybug walking on a green leaf.

On one occasion, I think I tuned into the location where the image originally came from. I closed my eyes as I usually do and wait for the image or images to come to me. I was seeing antique  machinery, obviously pre-industrial age. They looked like museum pieces and I thought I recognized one of them as one of DaVinci’s designs. So my keywords centered around DaVinci, and the museum pieces I saw. The actual image was a portrait of Galileo, I earned a Close for that and wondered if there was a Galileo section nearby in the museum I was picturing.

I’ve experimented with different methods of tuning in on the object but so far my most successful has been to set my intention towards seeing the image, close my eyes and wait for the image to appear in my mind’s eye. Often, I’ll get images the very second I close my eyes but these are not usually “it.” If I’m very tired then sometimes I’ll actually nod off while tuning in. During those times I get lots of images and even enter the dream state for a few moments. The only problem then is having too many images to choose from. On rare occasions I’ll get a really clear vision of what the image is along with a gut feeling of it’s accuracy. Most of the time, I’ll earn at least a “close” for my efforts or if I miss it’s because I’m off by a day or two.

Overall, I’ve found my semi-daily practice (I get at least four or five in a week) to be fun and good practice for tuning in and keeping my non-physical senses sharp. The site is free, keeps a record of your attempts and it takes only a few minutes a day to tune in. If you want an easy way to practice your remote viewing skills I highly recommend you check it out.

Focus on WHAT You Want – Forget The HOW

The nonlinearity of dreams can sometimes get a point across more directly than reading a concept or idea in physical reality – not only does it engage more of the creative mind than the linear/rational mind, but it brings a feel/vibe with it, that sticks with you as you wake up. So even if the dream is presenting you with an idea that you’ve known in physical reality for a while, it’s doing it on multiple levels that help you really GET it, deep down.

Case in point, the dream I had the other night.  I had traveled from the United States to Canada, where I had gotten a hotel room and unpacked all my things.  However, as happens in dreams, I suddenly found myself back in the United States.  My thought process was this: “Oh, no, I’m in the United States, and I have to get back to Canada for my stuff, but I need my passport to get across the border, which is still in my hotel room in Canada!” (Naturally, my left brain picked up on THAT conundrum, instead of asking, well, how did you get back into the United States from Canada without your passport to begin with? LOL!) Linearly, it was a no-win situation.

But right after that moment of panic, a peaceful feeling washed over me and it was like I was being told, “Focus on what you want, forget the HOW!”  I actually smiled in the dream and then boom… next scene I was back in Canada where I wanted to be.

I have actually had other dreams where I’ve had to remind myself of this same thing. Dreams where I’ve showed up somewhere, done whatever I had to do, then got all bent out of shape because I forgot how to leave. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream or an OBE, you’ll know that focusing on where you want to go is all you need – no linear method is necessary.

This current dream; however, came at the perfect time to apply to my physical reality situation. Mostly as a reminder of how things worked, but the experience itself was a confidence booster showing me that I COULD really trust the message.  Focus on the WHAT and forget the HOW. It was a great way to wake up, literally and figuratively.

And I can’t forget about the symbolism of the passport itself! It wasn’t the passport that allowed me to go where I wanted to go, it was my focus and intention – the power within. The passport is just window-dressing.

Placebos are Getting More Effective

Wired recently published an interesting article: Placebos are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers are Desperate to Know Why.

The parts that intrigued me the most are the differences in placebo results in varied geographical and cultural regions (differences in beliefs!), as well as the idea that conditioning people to believe in drugs via media like television commercials also contributes to the effectiveness of placebos – programming is programming, eh?

To me, all of the information points to the power of the mind, of course – any placebo is really a reason or justification that the rational mind can accept for why a condition can now change. In the article, the implications are there, just between the lines. 😉

Anyway, it’s an interesting article, especially when viewed from a reality creation / law of attraction point of view. Click here to read the entire article.

Impossible is Nothing

An old nearby plaza has an abandoned, or perhaps long-retired, trophy shop. Inside, through the dirty front windows, you can see a few small dusty trophies in the window case and the usual scraps, dust and trash on the floor. But the most interesting feature is on the front door:

I suppose you can either look on it as simply ironic, considering that the store is closed, and by all accounts has been for a while. Or, my preference, is that you can find inspiration in the least likely looking places! 🙂

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Imagination Practice and Expectation

Abraham suggests that when we imagine something we imagine it as if it were real, in front of us. We also have a Gradius & Ragon session (can’t find the exact one so I’ll paraphrase) with an exercise that suggests you look at something right in front of you, say, a pencil on your desk.  Get a feel for that pencil and it being solid, right there in front of you.  “Real”  Then apply that concrete, already existing, right in front of you feeling to whatever it is you want to create when you are imagining it.

If you’re trying to create something you have NOT yet experienced in your reality, imagine it first. Right. Ok.  But if it’s something we haven’t experienced before, and can’t reach into your left-brain/rational memories for that feeling tone or vibe, the feeling tone or vibe must come from your imagination instead.And if it’s something that seems more than a few steps away from your usual vibe you may need to work at it a little more too.

Meaning, the imagining itself might actually take a little practice.  Practice at getting the ‘feel’ right, which will be different from what we’re used to creating or even expecting, and also different for each of us. From my own experience, I’ve definitely had preconceived notions about how some desire would feel to me when I’d experience/create it finally, and I think the preconceived notions often got in the way of me connecting with the ‘true’ vibe or feeling tone of the desired creation itself when doing this imagining.  Connecting with the ‘reality’ of it, as it were – LOL.

Here’s a sort of funny example that occurs to me.  You know how EXCITED people are when they win, say, something like concert tickets on the radio?  Most of the time they scream with joy and go nuts.  Or at least, those are the only ones they play, so we might start assuming that’s how anyone would react.  But what if you’re the type that would just say, “That’s wonderful – thank you so much!”.  When you’d try to imagine yourself winning those concert tickets and screaming in joy it wouldn’t feel ‘right’ to you.  You’d have to connect with how the experience would truly feel to YOU and ignore the expectation set by your past experiences/memories with listening to other people win on the radio.

And beyond just memory, there have certanly been times when I’ve felt my left-brain processes have interfered with my attempts to imagine.  That is, when I had a belief that I couldn’t have something I wanted, the ‘can’t have’ thoughts would prevent me from connecting energetically with the feel/vibe of the desired creation.  They would even prevent me from being able to spend much time with my imagination at all.  Which, now that I’m thinking of it so specifically, makes perfect sense.  Because I’d be holding onto the vibe of “CAN’T” so much that I couldn’t touch “YES” hardly at all.  Even in my imagination. I can see where saying, “yes, that’s what you think, but I’m going to imagine it ANYWAY” would be one way around that block once you become aware of it.

So, having said all that, I’m off to spend some time in Imagination Practice!  This should be fun – heh.

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