XKCD Comic

I love the comic XKCD – it’s geeky and clever and philosophical, and looks at life from many different perspectives. And occasionally, there’s one that REALLY tickles my fancy, like the one below, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate…

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Summer T-shirt Sale!!

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Energy Play

John’s one of those people that can actually see energy – has been able to do it his entire life. A few nights ago when I was laying down and feeling a little ‘off’, John gave me his impression of my energy as a sort of reflection or feedback that I find useful every so often. After that he did that, and I was feeling my energy better, I decided to see what I could do to manipulate my energy, since John was there watching anyway, just for fun.

My first inspiration was a visualization of a flower shooting up out of my energy, but I didn’t tell John what I was doing at first. Then I told him what I did and he said, “Oh, dang – I wish I would have said something before you mentioned that. I saw energy shoot up from around the middle of your torso, with like a blob of energy at the top, like a small tree.” I believed him anyway. 😉

Then, we decided to try another experiment. I thought of something else to do with my energy and put that in motion, but then didn’t say anything until he reported what he saw. “Your energy turned a bit more blue-green, and I saw a big swirl of energy shoot up from your torso/heart chakra area, like a big tornado.” It was a perfect hit – I had imagined my energy swirling upwards in a fast moving spiral!

So, either John’s really good at this energy stuff, or he’s really good at telepathy, or both. Anyway – it was rather cool!

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Robber Gets Group Hug Instead

I love stories like the one linked below. Is it an example of someone setting their tone and changing the outcome of an event? Of following your impulses despite a fearful situation and everything turning out correctly? A probability shift? All of the above? You decide: Robber Gets Group Hug.

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