Energy Play

John’s one of those people that can actually see energy – has been able to do it his entire life. A few nights ago when I was laying down and feeling a little ‘off’, John gave me his impression of my energy as a sort of reflection or feedback that I find useful every so often. After that he did that, and I was feeling my energy better, I decided to see what I could do to manipulate my energy, since John was there watching anyway, just for fun.

My first inspiration was a visualization of a flower shooting up out of my energy, but I didn’t tell John what I was doing at first. Then I told him what I did and he said, “Oh, dang – I wish I would have said something before you mentioned that. I saw energy shoot up from around the middle of your torso, with like a blob of energy at the top, like a small tree.” I believed him anyway. 😉

Then, we decided to try another experiment. I thought of something else to do with my energy and put that in motion, but then didn’t say anything until he reported what he saw. “Your energy turned a bit more blue-green, and I saw a big swirl of energy shoot up from your torso/heart chakra area, like a big tornado.” It was a perfect hit – I had imagined my energy swirling upwards in a fast moving spiral!

So, either John’s really good at this energy stuff, or he’s really good at telepathy, or both. Anyway – it was rather cool!

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