What To Be

I haven’t written a post here in a long time. (Obviously!) On the outside, there was the cross-country move and adapting to all the new circumstances afterward. On the inside, there were waves of what can only be called ‘processing’ happening.

This morning, what I’m doing is thinking about this weblog, and what I’d been thinking it SHOULD be versus what it wants to be. A part of me thinks it should be full of juicy bits of advice, clever one-liners that are easy to pass around to inspire, deeply considered advice, and amazing stories of conscious creation gone wild – LOL. The Conscious Creation site itself is essentially a place to read about the basic concepts and how to start implementing them, so all of that information is already there, as well as in the archives for our old email list, which still exists and is readable/browsable, but is pretty much in stasis.

I think what I need to do is just forget all the SHOULDS and tune into my inner self and see what I WANT to post. I don’t know if it will seem boring, or disjointed, or repetitious or be a surprisingly interesting read. Or none of the above. Perhaps the little pieces will eventually illuminate a larger picture – I don’t really know. I suppose if I keep this up, eventually I’ll find out. 😉

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One thought on “What To Be”

  1. Here’s to you posting. Judging by your writing,etc, whatever you decide to post – simply because you want to and feel excited about posting it – will end up having one or more of those qualities you listed as “shoulds.”

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